Wednesday, January 3

Hello Strangers

New country. New Home. New Hair. Totally New MOI and a brand new blog.
I moved my blog to here. i will no longer be addressed to as "the blondy" but rather "the girl with the big curl, and the funny twirl, in a cute fur and a white pearl".
So guys and girls, ladies and gentlemen hurry up click here and catch up with me AKA "MISS Undaztood"

Sunday, October 29

Goodnight and Goodbye

My last post from Kuwait. Till I blog again. Over and Out.

Wednesday, October 25

Breakfast At The Office

WOW...what a feeling after a looong time

Liban Here I Come

5 more days and I’m off to Liban for 5 weeks, which by the way will be the longest time I have ever spent in Liban. Since this year I’ve only been to Liban for 10 days, and nothing crucial is waiting for me in Dubai, I have decided to treat MOI for a wonderful 5 week vacation in Liban doing nothing except pampering my inner diva.

Sunday, October 22

Recycled Life

Yesterday I realized that my life is a continuous cycle of returning seasons. 3 to be exact. April to July, the High Season. October to January, the Low Season. February and March and then August and September, the Transition Season.

High Season Highlights:
- feeling wonderful from the inside and the outside
- looking great and dynamic
- working out
- eating healthy
- continuous smiling
- motivated, working hard
- social and outgoing

Low Season Highlights:
- total neglect of the soul and body
- unbeatable laziness
- hazy days and uncertain future
- introvert and extremely aggravated
- complete depression

Transition Season Highlights:
- It just involves a lot of waiting and head scratching and soul searching that set the basis of the coming season.

Wednesday, October 18


Mentally today i shut down on work. i finished the last pending job and my brain is not taking in any new ones. My advertising related short term memory is also starting to fade away and is currently being replaced with relaxation images and green parks and snowy mountains. I'm officially also done with ramadan as i miss my friday morning breakfasts and my mid day 2 hour lunch breaks. Im also letting go slowly of my ties in the City as I am almost done with my goodbyes. I'm ready to move on.

Only For Me

Yesterday one of my clients organized a farewell dinner for me. Guest of honor was Bashar. Since I came to Kuwait, 2 and a half years ago, and i have been looking for him at every turn I take. If I knew he would be my farewell gift I would have booked my 1 way ticket long time ago.

Now I can leave the City with no regrets.

Tuesday, October 17

Only In Kuwait - The End

This was "MY" Kuwait (based on previous posts)

Valet Parking in a super market
Live strong Cancer Wrist band for 9$ (when it actually costs $1)
Grocery delivery to the car
A ladies hair salon every 5 meters
A Starbucks every 10 meters
Hard Rock Cafe with no alcohol
Petrol cheaper than water yet the queue in the petrol station is endless
A shopping Mall in the Airport (I don’t mean the duty free eh, this is way before passport control)
Left lane of the highway is for slow drivers
Orange Cayenne S Turbo
Smashed cars more than bugs
No Women Queues
Public shelter in the airport
Pink airport
1KD valued/spent like $1 but actually it’s more OH MUCH MORE than $3.5 (so the country is freakin expensive)
Girls in Dior outfits in the coffee shops (inno as Fractallo said, all you need is flip flop and shorts)

In a word I think the City is a hyped members only VIP lounge.

Monday, October 16

A New Beginning

Well I thought, a new country a new me why not a new template.

Sat in bed from 5 to midnight to finish it. It was lost of hard work as i had to change every single thing in it. I'm 100% satisfied. Hope you like it.


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