Tuesday, May 31

Office Conspiracy

The First few times I thought I was hallucinating. My Notes go missing, my pens vanish even my weekly schedule and agenda disappeared once. But today whoever is doing these pranks went 1 step too far. Just now I was trying to open my file cabinet when I realised that it was locked and the key was broken inside the lock, so no way to open it up. So Miss Muscles, MOI, broke the cabinet and took out the 2 doors so that I get the file that I want. Am I really still imagining things?

PS: My office looks terrible with this broken thing, need to get it fixed ASAP.

Pet Needed

I don't need a Vet like Mark, and I'm sorry about their dog, but I need a pet. A puppy. I got in touch with Paws but they only have big dogs, and since me and my hubby work from 9 to 6 we can't handle a big dog. If you have puppy connections let me know.

Ice Age

HONG KONG (AP) - Hong Kong's office buildings are the coldest in the world due to cranked up air conditioning, according to a study released Sunday.
Most Hong Kong offices keep their temperature at between 21 to 22 degrees Celsius - with the coldest office measuring 17.6 degrees which is well below the recommended 25 degrees, the study by Hong Kong Polytechnic University professor Daniel Chan said.

Staying in the same context:
AC was invented to keep a room cool, so that people don't sweat or suffocate from the intense heat. In the Gulf, and apparently also in Honk Kong, the concept of AC takes on a new "evolved" concept and that is to freeze people to death.

Morning Mix

Today traffic was bad. There was no accident, no flying tires no smashed bugs, it was just a still traffic. It's these damn roundabouts that create all the bottleneck. There was nothing good also playing on the radio. I mean is it just me, or really not a single summer song has been released yet. No "going to Ibiza" no "Mambo Jambo" make your booty shake sunny songs. All the stations are still playing the cold winter songs...Which reminds me of my June CD. Tomorrow is June and I haven't bought a new CD yet. I was thinking to get the Destiny's Child latest one, but I'm really not sure. I'll probably go to Virgin and see if they have any new summer CD's. It's a good timing to, I just got my salary yesterday so there goes 10% for cloths, 10% for shoes, 10% telephone bill, 10% gift for hubby, 10% ticket to Leb, 20% gifts for parents, 20% gift for brother, its his Masters graduation and I have no clue what to get him. 2 years back for his BA graduation I got him a Toshiba notebook, recently I also got him an I-Mate mobile. I was thinking maybe a BOSS suit, for his interviews, or a Panasonic Digital Camera or even a new Nokia Mobile, and after buying all these maybe I will be left with enough money to probably buy my June CD and enjoy dancing to the beat while driving to work everyday hopefull on almost empty roads if you people just pack and leave the country for the summer. I mean common it's almost June and you're still here???

Sunday, May 29

Face The Heat

After changing my flight details a couple of times, yesterday evening I finally went down to the agency and booked the ticket. I will be leaving in 1 month time to Beyrouth and only for a few days. While I was at the travel agency I also booked another ticket to Europe. That will be the end of July and for 1 week. After that I'm planning to go to Beyrouth during the Eid Holidays and again at New Year's.

I think I'm all set now to face the hot summer since every couple of months I will have something to look forward to and a ticket to get me out of here.

Public Smoking

Only 3 people smoke in the office and yet I end up smelling like an ashtray. So now I have my car refreshener in the drawer and every time I sense someone heading to the smoking window, I "fish fish" a couple of times and my cubicle smells peachy :)
The guys have been complaining that the smell is too girly but I don't care as long as I don't smell yucky.

PS: Public smoking is not allowed in Qatar

Lunch Break

Usually I don't go out for lunch, because coming back to the office can be frustrating. But latley because my mornings are extremly busy I started going out for lunch to recharge. Today, with a bunch of friends, we went to Casper & Gambini's. It's next to the office and they have a good selection of salads.

My lunch break is 1 hour.
I left at 1:10
Got there by 1:15
Ordered by 1:20
Food delivered at: 1:55
Ate in 5 min
Back to the office by 2:10

This is not the 1st time it happens either. I don't mean Casper in specific, but any other Cafe in the City. The managment of the restaurant/cafe should have enough sense to know that people who come in at 1, they are usually office people who have max 50 min to order, eat, pay and leave. I think from now on I will stick to Starbucks at least they have mastered the art of "lunch break".

Saturday, May 28

It's Official

Hey I'm on Safat :) So it's official. I'm one of the latest members of the Kuwait Bloggers' Society.
And I thank 1st of all God, My Hubby, My Parents......

It's a Good Thing

Lately, and because I'm meeting also new people, evryone is asking me how long I have been married for. You should all see those faces when I tell them I have been married for almost 7 years now. Huh? No Way? You look like a newly wedded bride?
During my lunch break, I went to fix my hair and my stylist was shocked, she thought that i was married for 4 months max.
So it's a good thing for me and my hubby, I guess we still have a smiling face and shinning eyes which make people think that we are still in our honeymoon.

PS: I didn't get a speed radar today but I ended up paying KD 80 for a brushing coupon. I paid for 10 sessions so that I get 2 free sessions. Not a bad deal!

What Was He Thinking

A Chevrolet pick-up truck racing with a Lumina S on Road 30.

Lost Paradise

Not only I found a cheap club where you don't need to pay exagerated membership fees, but I also found paradise.
Kempinski Julai' is a lost paradise in Kuwait. The drive takes only 30 min from Salwa but it's deffinitley worth it. The place is amazing, we paid KD 12 for pool and beach and seafood buffet which is very cheap compared to the other available options in the country. They have 2 shared pools + 2 private pools for the chalets. You can rent bikes and buggies. They also have jet ski's and 2 trampolines in the beach (I was screaming my lungs out when I tried jumping on them). It's not even crowded, it felt like our private haven and we ended up goofing around and screaming out loud :) We spent the whole day there, but next time we're deffinitley taking a chalet to enjoy a quiet evening in a wonderful surrounding. Check out the pics on the "Unplugged Side"

PS: Not even in Dubai you could find this (The meridien Al Aqah in Fujeirah is close but not quite)

Lost in Directions

Yesterday evening me and my hubby were in a junky mood, and very lazy to go out, so we decided to stay in and order BK.
So far so good, after making funny comments about my name, the guy took the order and said that it would max take 30 min, but what he didn't say is that it would take 5 phone calls to get my address.
I gave them the Block No, the Street No, the house No and I even gave them my car's plate number but from 8 to 8:30 PM 5 different BK employees called me to ask for the address.

After living in Kuwait for 1 year I found out that the most difficult thing to do in the country is directions, give and take (it works both ways). I mean how hard can it be? you choose the main attractions/buildings of the street and explain accordingly. But the way it goes here is that they go by the street name/number/and the least focal point of the area.

Allow me to ellaborate:
me: hello DHL can you send someone to pick up the package?
DHL: sure, where's ure location?
me: Kuwait City, opposite J W Mariott, Jashnmal building .
DHL: no madame, we don't know the buildings, we only go by street name. On which street is that?
me: how do I know? i don't go driving and looking at the signs. I look at the bigger picture
DHL: sorry madame. please call us back when you have the details.

Thursday, May 26

Fax Fact

It's now 1:16 and I'm still in the office, waiting for a layout to be finished, so I thought I would share this with you, while waiting.
I called some office to ask for their fax number and it turns out that their fax number has an extension.
I need to dial like 4201111 and then ext: 123 to get the fax.
1st I thought I heard wrong but it turns out that I didn't.

Funny. This should go into "Only in Kuwait" list.

Casual Thursday

07:30 Wake up, 08:45 head to work. I'm the driver No 6 today on road 30. Driver N0 7 is running late, as I cannot spot him on my rear view mirror. On Thursdays we're never more than dozen drivers on the road and by now we all recognize each other's cars.

Today is casual Thursday at the office. Everyone can lose the tie and get into their comfys. What a sight, its looks like a school picnic day out, but Thursdays are never relaxed as we try to squeeze in the work of a full day into a couple of hours.

I have been trying to write this blog since 09:30 and I was only able to post it now.
It's 5 min before our official working day comes to an end.

Wednesday, May 25

Fashion Crisis

I was just having lunch at the Cafe Royal in Salhiya when I saw a woman wearing:
1- A grey suit with
2- A green tank top
2- Camel shoes with white dots
3- Holding a black & red Gucci bag

I think it's a must to call out the fashion Guru's to control the outbreak. 7aram our eyes to be tortured with such sights.

The City is in a great ordeal :(

Update: Summer Dilemma

So thanks to Miskan we found a great alternative for a KD 900 club membership. At Kempinski you get a pool pass for KD 12, including brunch or if you go after 3PM it's only KD 5.
I called them up yesterday evening, and wer'e going this Friday. I can't wait :)

Tuesday, May 24

Not Just Yet

Just as you are about to have enough of the rush and the chaos of the City, it grabs you back and makes you fall in love with it all over again (ok this might be a bit exaggerated). Anyway the best thing in the City is, by far, the evening strolls on the beach (well not exactly on the beach/sand but u know what I mean). So as I was saying, just as you feel that you had enough of the City, relax take a deep breath and go for a walk on the "beach", the weather is still cool enough to let you enjoy it. The view across is just breath taking (and that rarely happens in Kuwait). So to get back to what I was trying to say initially, after yesterday's evening detoxifying walk, let's just say I'm not giving up on the City just as yet.

AHH Ou 1/2

I was just going through the 'Movies" Magazine when I saw this article "Newsweek honours 43 influencial Arab personalities". I remembered when a few weeks back this event was still fresh and it was all over the local Newspapers. But what was so ironic, and it grabbed my attention then, that all the artciles published ONLY Gigantic Images of Nancy 3ajram doing her thing on stage (don't get me wrong now she was not one of the honoured personalities, she was there for the enterntainment part). Not a single Newspaper published the images of the actual personnalities that this event was all about.
Hmmmm Interesting.......

So the lesson of today is --> NO bouncing legs NO Media coverage.

Monday, May 23

Security Crisis. Or Is It?

I do understand the need for security checks in the hotels in Kuwait. I mean with the rumours circuling around from time to time, u feel more comfortable when u see a man in uniform standing there to serve and protect. But what I don't understand is that when they ask you to hand over your handbag, mobile and anything that you carry and then pass through the "beeping" thingy.
1- When you give them your stuff, the guys don't open them to check what's inside, they just hold them and give them to you after passig through the "thingy"
2- The "thingy" beeps all the time and they don't even stop and search you

Now maybe these guys have been highly trained and they can spot/smell a bomb just by holding a bag and a mobile and maybe the "thingy" is an advanced technology that if a bomb passes through it flashes and screams not just beeps as usual.

Sunday, May 22

Today's News in Brief

1- Rat Holes: A new local Mafia is collecting the sewage covers from the roads of the capital.
2- How High? Nancy 3ajram* was caught by the local police while being smuggled from/to Iraq and Iran. Forget about "Speed" and "Extacy" Nancy 3ajram is the lastest drug in town.
3- Boxers of Briefs? This week's big NEWS. "Leaders" prefer briefs. If you are a brief guy you better think twice.

15 Minutes

These days it's takin me 15 min to drive to work, instead of the usual 30 min.
So it's official, summer is here, schools are out and Kuwait is being drained, soon to dry out completley
Life will be quiet now in the City.

Saturday, May 21


KD 8, medium hair brushing
KD1, tips
KD30, speeding radar
Total= KD39

Hey DJ...

I need to get "this" off my chest, it's been bothering me for a while now.

In the morning I have max 20 min driving before I reach work, and before playing my "CD of the month", I'm a fair person, I always tune on to RK FM, to see if anything interesting is playing or is being said, and I keep on switching between radio/CD every 3 to 4 min.

Now, I'm no entertainment Guru, but I would guess that a DJ should be smart enough to know the following:
1- Noone listens to the whole morning show 07AM to o9AM (so every 30 min counts)
2- The max time a listener can tune to the show is 30/40 min, which is the time needed for anyone to reach his/her destination
3- After some time, the listener just gets fed up of hearing the same S...

So based on the above, and with good intention, I say the following:
1- Lady DJ, whose name I don't even know, DIVERSIFY
2- Don't keep on saying the same things over and again every day...Go online, read, find us interesting topics
3- Make sure to read the sponsors' messages at least once before reading it on air so you stumble less and it actually projects some honesty when you readin the text
4- I'm sure the station has a rich music library...don't play the same tunes every day (and what with the west cowboy theme lately???)
5- STOP SAYING "let your children know how much you love them" after a while it becomes annoying. Go to
www.quote.com and get yourself a new smart quote every day.

I feel much better now.

PS: the Marina FM music mix on Thursday evening is out of this world. Check it out this weekend.

Cappuccino, Skimmed Milk, Paper Cup, Grande Please

Day: Any Given Friday
Time: 10:30 AM

Place: Starbucks, Salmiyeh
Mood: Relaxed
Entourage: Best Friend
Subject: Gossips
Special Appearance: Uninvited Guest Snooping Around

This Friday at Starbucks was special. This Guy , in a 70's car, parked just in front of our table and was waiting there for an hour. At first I thought he was waiting for his coffee bas then it was obvious that he wasn't. Anyway after 2 hours my friend and I stood up to leave and this guy was so excited he obviously thought "faraj" luck was on his side this Friday morning....Whatever.....

I mean can it be possible for once , in this sunny Kuwait, to have a girls' day out without having a guy snooping around??

Friday, May 20

Jeans Bar

Literally, this could be the most interesting bar in Kuwait :)
I lost around 9Kg's so with nothing interesting to do on a Thursday afternoon, I decided it was the right time to go shopping for a new pair of jeans. I have already 3 pairs of Diesel and i didnt want to get a 4th one. Honestly the brand feels like used pairs of Undies, since now every ass in Kuwait has a Diesel on.
So I decided to go to the Jeans Bar in Villa Moda, Shuwaikh. AMAZING..... they have like more than dozen brands and cuts and the service is very friendly and funky. So after like trying 6 pairs i found just the right one for me. they are called "Blue Cult" Jeans, they're made in the US. they cost as much as a Diesel does KD 60, but at least I won't see my jeans worn by all the window shoppers in the Marina Mall.

Wednesday, May 18

Did You Know

My friend just sent me this....I cracked my brains out....Check it out.

1. If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days you>would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee. (Hardly seems worth it.)
2. If you farted consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb. (Now that's more like it!)
3. The human heart creates enough pressure when it pumps out to the body to squirt blood 30 feet. (Oh My God!)
4. A pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes! (In my next life, I want to be a pig.)
5. A cockroach will live nine days without its head before it starves to death. (Creepy...I'm still not over the pig.)
6. Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour. (Do not try this at home...... maybe at work.)
7. The male praying mantis cannot copulate while its head is attached to its body. The female initiates sex by ripping the male's head off. ("Honey, I'm home. What the...?")
8. The flea can jump 350 times its body length. It's like a human jumping the length of a football field. (30 minutes... lucky pig... can you imagine??)
9. The catfish has over 27,000 taste buds. (What could be so tasty on the bottom of a pond?)
10. Some lions mate over 50 times a day. (I still want to be a pig in my next life...quality over quantity)
11. Butterflies taste with their feet. (Something I always>wanted to know.)
12. The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue. (Hmmmmmm........)
13. Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people. (If you're ambidextrous, do you split the difference?)
14. Elephants are the only animals that cannot jump. (OK, so that would be a good thing....)
15. A cat's urine glows under a black light. (I wonder who>was paid to figure that out.)
16. An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain. (I know some>people like that.)
17. Starfish have no brains. (I know some people like that too.)
18. Polar bears are left-handed. (If they switch, they'll>live a lot longer.)
19.Humans and dolphins are the only species that have sex>for pleasure. (What about that pig??)

Only in Kuwait (May edition)

Valet Parking in a super market
Live strong Cancer Wrist band for 9$ (when it actually costs $1)
Food/Grocery delivery to the car
A ladies hair salon every 5 meters
A Starbucks every 10 meters
Hard Rock Café with no alcohol
Petrol cheaper than water yet the queue in the petrol station is endless
A shopping Mall in the Airport (I don’t mean the duty free eh, this is before passport control)
Left lane of the highway is for slow drivers
Orange Cayenne S Turbo
Smashed cars more than bugs
No Women Queues
Public shelter in the airport
Pink airport
Streets named after international cities
1KD valued/spent like $1 but actually it’s more than $3.5 (so the country is freakin expensive)

Summer Dilemma

I have been in Kuwait for over a year now and I have never gone to the beach...I was recommended to stay away.
But last week, and during my weekend escapade to Qatar with my hubby, we spent the entire time relaxing on the pool. the water was so refreshing.
So now back to Kuwait, and still excited to maintain our tan, we went for club membership shopping. Do I need to tell you how much it costs? I mean it's just crazy!!!. In Dubai the most expensive club membership cost us $1000 a year but here the price simply tripples and honestly I think it's just exagerated and totally unjustified, and we won't do it.
Anyway now the weekend is here, and I need desperatly to find a pool somewhere around. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, May 17

Work Out Tip

I just thought I'd share this with you, if anyone out there is struggling to keep up with a work out schedule.

When exercising listen to Arabic tracks instead of English. Arabic songs are usually 5 min long compared to English songs which can max reach to 3 min.
So 20 min work out for example is ONLY 4 Arabic songs and MORE THAN 7 English songs.

It works for me. I'm not sure what's the logical mechanism behind it but who cares as long as it eases my frustration.

PS: Symphony No 34 of Mozart is 20 min long.

Congratulations Kuwait

A great Day for Women in Kuwait...After a struggle that lasted weeks after weeks they finally did it. Yesterday evening the Kuwait parlimant gave women the right to Vote and to have an active part in politics.

Now the City can sleep.

Music Review - May

This month's CD is Usher's Confession. It's not a new release, I know, but I just got it and not thanks to Virgin. I think simply they suck. If a CD is out of stock you will need to wait like 2 months so that they get it for you, haven't they heard of Shop&Ship??? Anyway my baby got me the CD from Qatar 2 weeks a go.

So coming back to Usher...WOW... the man can make your body move. tracks No 2/5/6/7/18 that's all I listen to on my way to work, coming back home, basically when driving, and nothing gets you in the mood to go to work than shaking up your body at 8:30 AM to get that adrenaline pumping.

Previous CD's of the Month:
April - Beyonce (tracks 1/2/3, the rest just makes u sleep)
March - The Best of Britney (10/10, all the tracks make you shake that booty)
Feb - Arabic Mix (nice for a change)
Jan - Blue (tracks 6/7/8)

Monday, May 16

Take Off

Hellooooooooooooooooooo Kuwait,

I have been doing this blog thing fo a while now, check it out on
Anyway i thought i deserve an upgrade ,now that i'm getting the hang of it. So here I am blogging about Kuwait to people living in Kuwait so that actually what i'm talking about can be familiar to some (that if they ever find this site...OOPS)

So here goes Nothing....


Daily Dose