Thursday, June 23

Face Lift

Kuwait streets are getting a face lift. In Salhiya area, around my office all the street lines and the yellow boxes have been repainted.
In Salwa area, where I live, new speed bumps are being added and all the yellow and the white lines are being repainted.
Is this the new municipality work? They are fast on things eh? good for them.

Queen of My Castle

So my baby is in Sharm on a 4 day company vacation and apparently he is having the time of his life, check it out on fadibou. But not to worry I have a full 4 day plan of my own, which involves messing up the house (even some more), eating junk to my heart's desire and indulging myself in continuous shopping.... I'm a health buff when he's around and not so messy. Anyway I think the shopping for my upcoming vacation is almost done, and so is my money. But I still need to get a gift for my friend, it's her birthday, also need to buy Adidas for my brother....FYI Hellraiser it's size 47, and I'm still missing a formal dress to wear on his graduation. Yesterday I found out that the whole familia will be there and that means around 30 people to entertain and be nice to, and be forced to answer the same, too personal questions, when are you gonna have a baby? did you already save $ 1 million, stop spending so much money, did you gain some weight....On another note eysterday I got my employment Visa, so now I can go and apply for the French Visa for my 2nd vacation in July. It seems that I have a solid schedule at least till the end of July so I'll probably stop complaining now and get ready to go to work.

PS: Heads up for the next complain topic....Tarrrrraaaa.....
"What to get my husband for his 30th birthday in July????"

Sunday, June 19

Up or Down

One of the lifts in my office building is not working. I would have used the stairs but our office is on the 11th floor, so NO WAY.
It stopped yesterday morning and I thought that by now the problem would have been solved, but apparently not. It's getting annoying to wait 10 min before it gets to my floor plus now it's stopping on each and every floor and the space is full after just 2 floors.
Having said that I declare today as the "Multi - Elevator Appreciation Day" as I recognize the positive contribution of elevators to my life.

Face The Heat (2)

Well people I know it's HOT and it will get HOTTER in July and August but believe me even if it reaches 65C, as pointed out by Hellraiser, it will be like a walk in the park compared to the soul sucking 100% humidity in Dubai. I tend to nagg a lot about Kuwait but when it comes to its weather it rocks.

Saturday, June 18

Driving Etiquette - Kuwait

I found this article published on BBC (UK Site) back in 2001, but nevertheless still applies. Sad but true.

The roads of Kuwait are mostly straight, flat and, under a hot glaring sun, very reflective. The three lanes on the motorways allow you to drive in relative comfort at 70mph in the lane of your choice. The reason why you can chose any of the three is that whichever lane you choose, someone else will overtake you.
Basically, there are no rules. That is to say there are rules, but every other driver on the road ignores them.
Give Way

If you stop at a Give Way sign, you run the risk of the driver behind you running into your vehicle, as he has no intention of stopping. Proceed over the Give Way with caution, but do not stop altogether.
Take a deep breath upon approach, hold your foot over your brake but continue at the same speed and drive straight onto the roundabout. If you stop, you take the same risk as at the Give Way sign.
Pedestrian Crossings
There are some, but no notice is taken of these. A pedestrian wishing to cross a road and preferably still be alive when he reaches the other side, should only cross when the road is empty.

Traffic Lights
Although it will cause you a great deal of stress, upon approach to traffic lights, look in your rear view mirror and try to judge whether you can safely stop at red lights without the person immediately behind you ramming into the back of your car. Your brake lights may be working, but his almost certainly aren't, so even if he notices you stop, and he stops, the car behind him will have no way of knowing that the car in front has braked.
Drive as fast as you feel comfortable with. Should you notice a police car in your rear view mirror, flashing its headlights at you, just move over. It is almost certainly on his way to a fatal accident. There are an average of three fatalities per day on the roads in Kuwait; over two thirds of these are pedestrians.
Some Good Points
For this Researcher, the number one bonus was the cost of petrol; at around 5p a gallon in 1996. Every garage had attendants and mechanics, your windscreen was washed, the oil checked (topped up if necessary), without the need to leave your vehicle. If you asked for your spark plugs to be changed and your tank filled you could expect change from a 5 Kuwait Dinar note (approximately £10).
Final Caution
Beware of drivers beckoning you, the pedestrian, to cross the road in front of them...

Starbucks' Mermaid

I always thought that this logo had more to it...I mean it's a mermaid with her fins wide open...It must have a sexual meaning I'm sure, and always wondered how come it passed by the Gulf censurship committee. So I did a small search and it turns out that I was right.... Check it out, The Mermaid.

Friday, June 17

Friday Morning

I've been up till 8:30, proud of myself, since I managed to force myself not to get up at 7 like every Friday. I exercised, had my coffee and I have been surfing the net since then. It's now 12. I'm officially starting to feel hungry. My hubby is still sleeping. We're going for a Sushi open Buffet at Sakura, layla gallery, with some friends. Not into Sushi mood that much but I didn't have dinner yesterday so I'll eat anything. I better go wake him up cause he needs at least 1 hour to get ready. Wish me luck... If he wakes up crancky I'm dead meat.

Enjoy your Friday. Let me know if anything intersting is happening out there.

Fashion Alert

All what I was hoping to buy was a simple dress for my brother's graduation. Is that too much to ask? really???
What is displayed, so proudly, in every store that I went to are rainbow ribbons beach skirts and dresses. Torn up shirts and snagging baggy pants. I know that unfortunatly fashion is lacking behind these past couple of seasons but I mean really for how long this hippy look will go on. I couldn't find 1 normal skirt for the office. I am losing my mind walla. Apparently if i don't look like a lolly pop i'm conisdered old fashioned. And talking about lolly Pops did you all see Maria on LBC yestreday. In7itaaaaat and I'm so sorry to say that she turned out to be Armenian.

Wednesday, June 15

Explore the New Look Albisher & Alkazemi Co. Mercedes-Benz website

I just got this email in my hotmail inbox, attached was also the CLS image. I mean what kind of marketing is that?? Do they think that a Merc buyer will be tempted just by seeing a CLS picture in his inbox??? HOTMAIL Inbox??? I seriously think they shoudl re-consider their marketing strategy.

PS: Yesterday I came across an article talking about the new Range Rover Sport and how the ME is already taking pre-orders for the car. Haven't these people heard that the Rover Company is closing down???

Tuesday, June 14

A Cup Of Joe

Today I went to Starbucks Salhiya for lunch. I was on my own so I thought it could be a good break to sit down relax, have my Cappuccino and go through "'Bazaar". I like this magazine. Usually the articles are submitted by freelance writers who have an interesting approach to life. But this month's issue was not up to my expectation at all. The issue was full of ads, same stuff different names, cloths, shoes, mobiles and cars. Also the articles were outdated and offensive. There was this article talking about "Livestrong" wrist bands hype in Kuwait, which honestly is yesterday's news. The Hype started back in April. Another article was attacking women, and how stupid they are that the only thing they are good at is crying over lost loves. There is also this self procclaimed PR section where they talk/promote about people living in Kuwait. And this month is about this 23 year old girl who apparently the most intresting thing she does is read books and smile . Yeah thanks, now I have someone to look up to and just be thrilled to be able to share a country with her....

PS: What's the story with Nissan Armada? Every "Bakala" is giving away 1 free!!! We all know that the car is crap, it looks like a box, but no need to make it so obvious.

Before & After

Every night I fall asleep watchin informercials ....There is something about those poorly done Arabic Voice Overs that make me doze off right on the spot. What is unique to these advertisments is that they tend to show "before" and "after" situations. But if you look closely the image is never taken from the same angle, or the 'before' picture is so dull, the woman/man is barley smiling, without saying that the "after" images can be simply retouched. Today I saw the concept being used in a local ad for car scratch retouching company. In the "before" picture they showed a dent on the door of the car and in the "after" picture they showed a totally different car. Smart eh... I bet you didn't think of that.

Got Ink?

Today Morning I went to one of the "government offices/ministries" for fingerprints taking. I'm shifting my Visa from my husband to my current employer. I worked 6 years in Dubai while being on my husband's Visa but here it's's illegal they say.
Anyway the building and the offices, to my surprise, were clean enough. I went to a huge hall where I had to wait to submit my application. There were 12 counters. 11 of them closed and only 1 open for business. I didn't have to wait much because our PRO knows a guy who knows this guy who knows the floor supervisor. After getting the stamps on my application I had to go down to the 1st floor for fingerprints taking. So far so good. It only took 2 minutes and I was done. At this point my fingers were all black from the ink so I decided to go to the bathroom to wash the ink off. Oh Oh... BIIIIIG mistake. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was like a nuclear INK bomb exploded inside. The walls were black, the floors were black. The taps, the sinks the mirrors. Everything and anything was covered with black fingerprints of thousands and thousands of people who came before me through the years. I stood there, eyes and mouth wide open. couldn't react or move for at least 1 minute. And then I ran the hell out of there. I only wish I had a camera on.

Saturday, June 11

Ummm.....Interesting !!!

The City has been good to me lately. I can't think of anything remotely interesting that happened last week. Other than the crazy work rush and the terrible heat my days have been normal.

Monday, June 6

Job Opportunity

A Lebanese couple is desperatly seeking to recruit a female houskeeper for their 4 bedroom home in Salwa. This will be a part time job, 3 days a week. Working hours are flexible. Apart from the cleaning and the sweeping, responsibilities will also include window and balcony washing. Laundry and ironning. No children and no pet to take care of. No cooking required too. Candidate must be young and energetic with prior housekeeping experience. Salary is negotiable. English is a MUST.

PS: The above is a cry for help. I need to find a maid and save my marriage, before my husband sues me for domestic cleaning negligence.

Can You See It?

The City is covered with dust again.
Take a look from your window and see the gloomy sky.

PS: When I first came to Kuwait I was told the scarriest stoires about "TOZ" but so far so good. Do you think we might be expecting one soon?

Sushi Review: Sakura (Layla Gallery)

The best Sushi ever. Me and my hubby end up going there at least twice a week. They have "Happy Hour" during lunch and dinner. Dinner is from 6 to 8 PM. 50% on all Sushi and Sashimi. So it's really cheap. You end up paying KD4 per person for 15-20 pieces. They also have open buffet on Fridays from 12to3 PM for KD6 per person. In the Crown Plaza branch the buffet is for KD8.
Also, you get to create your own Sushi recipe and include it in their menu under your name, if 100 orders of that Sushi gets registered/ordered. I'm still in the process of finalzing the ingredients of my own Sushi Roll and when I do I'm taking all my friends to Sakura to order all the 100* pieces at once so that people can start ordering it off the menu.

Last Friday we were a party of 5 and we ended up eating close to 50 pieces, so 100 pieces is not even worth mentioning.

Rating Scale:
Excellent = Superb, Exceptional, Tops!
Good = Should be considered "Standard"
Fair = Mediocre, just enough to keep you complaining
Poor = Not acceptable

Items That I rate:
First Impression (decor, originality, view) "good"
Wait time to be seated "excellent"
Wait time to be served "good"
Food Quality and Presentation "excellent"
Service "excellent"
Restroom Cleanliness "N/A"
Atmosphere "good"
Overall Impression "excellent"
Consistency "good"
Return Visit? "excellent"

Overall Rating:
Excellent = Superb, Exceptional, Tops!

ATM Crisis

Why is it that finding an ATM machine in the City is like looking for a needle in a hay stack? A couple of times I even followed the bread crumbles, "this way for bank" boards but they lead me to nowhere. No easy access drive through ATM's and no close by conveniant ATM machines. To get money you have to drive at least 15 min opposite your set direction, park your car, that if you find a parking space, go into the building/mall/centre, pray that the machine is not out of service, get your money and drive all the way back home. There goes 40 min.

PS: Why is it that the smallest amount that we can withdraw is KD50? What? Isn't it worth engaging the machine for only KD 5 or 10?

Saturday, June 4

Suspicious Phone Call

A guy just called my office asking for my mobile number. The secretary couldn't get rid of him so she transferred the call to me. This guy knows my name, my office telephone number and he was now asking for my mobile number. When I asked him what is it for. He said it's for something urgent and important that he wanted to disucss with me but he couldn't do it now because he is busy. I told him that I don't have a mobile and hung up. What was that all about? And Who is this Dude?

Friday, June 3

Hard Rock Cafe Review

Yesterday, me and my hubby had a late lunch at Hard Rock Cafe. This is probably the 10th time we're going there and it's deffinitly the 10th time we end up leaving disapointed. The "Cafe" here has nothing to do with the "Real" Hard Rock and I strongly suggest changing the name to "Kuwait Rock" and start a new independant chain. The place itself is the best compared to the other Hard Rock's in the region but in my opinion 70% of the restaurant's rating is for the food and that is BAAD.

Rating Scale:
Excellent = Superb, Exceptional, Tops!
Good = Should be considered "Standard"
Fair = Mediocre, just enough to keep you complaining
Poor = Not acceptable

Items That I rate:
First Impression (decor, originality, view) "excellent"

Wait time to be seated "good"
Wait time to be served "fair"
Food Quality and Presentation "poor"
Service "good"
Restroom Cleanliness "good"
Atmosphere "good"
Overall Impression "fair"
Consistency "poor"
Return Visit? "poor"

Overall Rating:
Poor = Not acceptable

PS: I want to post more reviews on my blog and I wanted to add a "review" tab with sub categories. I have been trying to do just that since 8AM, it's now 10AM and I give up.


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