Sunday, July 31

Line In The Sand

Sand Sand & more Sand... Look around you the country is full of it. Endless deserts, empty lands and infinite space as far as the eye can see, for all I know 90% of Kuwait's total area is still not occupied. Then why people, why is it that this country has the smallest, narrowest and complicated streets ever. I'm sure the area where I live in now was a big bucket of sand before they decided to build some houses as the population was growing. Good Call. But look around you, the land is your land. Why didn't anyone say we need to build wider streets so that more than 1 car can pass, or so that more than 1 car can park. And why didn't another one say, hey the rest of the country is still empty let's leave some space between the houses maybe some people like their privacy. The resiodential areas in Kuwait look like a Jenga tower, overcrowded unstable and messy. Salwa is like that, Jabriya even worse and I don't want to get started on Hawally and Salmiya. Here is a hint...SimCity...get it...master it...plan your city accordingly...GIVE US WIDER ROADS....

Saturday, July 30

Weekend Update

It's becoming a "thing" to stay late in the office on Thursdays. This Thursday also I stayed till 3PM and I was the last one to leave and lock up the place. Why don't we have a 2 day weekend. In the rest of the Gulf, even in the whole Middle East it's a must to have a 2 day weekend. I could have stayed till 6 on Thursday finish up everything and enjoy my Saturday off. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

The remaining of my weekend wasn't WOW also. My activities included, Chocolate, Pringles, TV and then some more Pringles and Chocolate. I didn't see sunshine. I have no clue what happened in the world in those past 1 and a half days. I didn't leave my room. I didn't get to try my new Camera also :(

Fady is still sick. Sleeping since Tuesday night. He refuses to take medicine so now he's getting worse :(

I have no clue how I will get through this week.

PS: Our MD left for his yearly vacation and MOI je suis in charge of the office during his abscence.

Wednesday, July 27

Canon Power Shot S2 IS

Now I don't know the technicalities of all that but I know it looks nice and it' MINE. Aramex just delivered it to my office. Can't wait to go around the City and click away.[link]

Color Me Mine

Very interesting place. Yesterday evening when my friends were fixing up our house for Fady's surprise party my responssibilty was to take him out somewhere for 3 hours until the place was all ready for the Big Bang. So I took him to "color me mine" at Marina Crescent. They have and endless choice of Ceramic to choose from. I chose a pen holder cup and Fady got me a vase. We stayed there fo r3 hours. First we had to choose the right colors, ustensils, brushes and then decide what would the design be. The staff is also very friendly and helpful. I'm not sure if my cup will be close to anything tasteful/artistic but it was done especially for my hubby on his 30th BD and it will always be a one of a kind. The only negative thing about this place its the pricing. I paid KD 18/-, which I think it's a lot.

PS: Thank you guys for working so hard to make the house look sooooo nice.

Tuesday, July 26

I've Been Tagged

Today it was Anwar in a Silver Range Rover in Souk Sharq. It's been a while since I last got a small white paper stuck on the side of my car's side mirror.
Previously I have been tagged by Ali in a silver BMW 6 Series and also Omar in a white Merc S Type and a few others.

It's A Man's World

I read in a book onetime, that men always sleep on the side of the bed that is closer to the door. It's guard and attack situation that has been passed on to us from the cave men. I thought of this yesterday midnight when I was sleeping in the back of my GMC, while my brother in law was driving me to the airport to pick up my baby. I was so energetic and alert this past week, when Fady was away, that I was even staying up after midnight, and not sleeping at 830 as i always do. But, and this happens every single time, that on my way to the airport even if it is early in the afternoon I feel exhausted that I end up sleeping. That book also mentioned that in case the man of the house is away the woman takes over...sleeps on the side of the bed that is closer to the door. So now it all makes sense. When Fady is around I'm lazy, I sleep early and I don't make any effort at all cause my MAN is here to worry about every single detail. But when Fady is away I become the "MAN" of the house and automatically take over his tasks and respossibilities which keep me up and active and busy, and by the minute he lands the power goes onto him again and things get back to normal.

Monday, July 25

A New Era

May I say that this past week was thrilling? Can I use that word to describe a happening in Kuwait? I don't want to jumpstart anyone. NO NO Backstreet Boys were not in town, and NO NO Hard Rock is not serving alcohol and NO NO Ferrari's were not banned in the City. Sooooorry.... What happened is that simply I had a change of routine, which used to be basically 7 wake up - 830 drive to work -9 to 6 office - 630 have a cheese sandwhich - 830 sleep.

Let's recap shall we....

Lunch at Asha's (tried Indian food for the 1st time), suffered from Curry and Saffron poisoning later at 2Am. Met new people formed new friendships. Enjoyed late coffees and window shopping and dinner Chit Chats , and girly talks. Come back home around 10:30 sleep by midnight.

I was so caught up by the meclancolie in Kuwait that I had actually gave up on the idea of fun. But now I know how much I miss my friends in Dubai and the stuff that we used to do together. Having people around makes life much easier and much more interesting.

Kuwait City.... Here I come.

Let There Be Light

After 7 days of total darkness today I open up the blinds of my bedroom and let the sunshine in. My hubby is coming home. I wake up earlier than usual to clean the place up. There is not a single clear tile all the way from my bedroom to the kitchen. For the past 1 week I was burried under piles and piles of cloths, towels, pizza boxes and coffee mugs. I hate to clean. What I wear in the morning hits the floor in the evening so does everything else I touch throughout the day. I'm just done with the master bedroom, and the bathroom and the livin area. Tonight I move to the kitchen to do the 362 dishes, mugs and spoons.

Wednesday, July 20

Sleepless in Kuwait

It's 7AM and I have been up for the past 30 min. I didn't have a good night sleep either, I kept on hearing weird noise and door bangs. Didn't go out to check cause not in the mood of kicking someone in the middle of the night. My watch and my diamond rings were in the room next to me so I wouldn't care less about the rest of the stuff :) I hear a bang again at 5AM and here I am awake and totally ready to attack this time. I'm a morning person you see. Yalla I think I'll go and get ready for work. I still need to pass by the bank so I hope today I won't be stuck in traffic.

Tuesday, July 19

One For The Road

I left home today earlier than usual since I wanted to pass by the Bank on my way to the office. Or so I thought. I was stuck on road 30 for 30 minutes, moving an inch every 5 minutes. It was just after 9AM when I got myself out of the traffic. I was hoping to find a dozen of squashed cars, or a burning bull dozer or just a hole in the road with a UFO stuck in it. I mean those piles and piles of cars not moving for 30 min it must be something BIIG and apparently it was. A road construction on the side. All the municipality wanted is to fix the roads to provide us with better driving experince and people just got it all wrong again and started bashing into each other while trying to take their right to avoid banging into the construction guys. What a shame....

Monday, July 18

Sugar N' Spice

I digged up the below from my Unplugged Blog edition. I thought you all deserve to know little somethin about me.

1- I'm 3/4 Armenian
2- 1/4 Greek
3- But recognized only as lebanese
4- Because of the passport
5- Born and raised in Lebanon
6- Lived there for 18 years
7- Moved to Dubai when i was 18
8- Got married when I was 18
9- I was in love
10- I'm still in love
11- I don't have children
12- Cause i'm a wild child
13- I never want to have children
14- Cause i will never grow up
15- Lived in Dubai for 6 years
16- Moved 6 houses
17- Changed 4 jobs
18- And 3 cars
19- I bought my own car
20- I was 22
21- It was an Alfa Romeo 147
22- It was my pride and joy
23- I used to race on the highway
24- And always win
25- Sold it to my best friend
26- When i moved to Kuwait 1 year ago
27- I now live in Kuwait
28- Already moved 3 houses
29- Changed 2 jobs
30- And 2 cars
31- I now drive a GMC Envoy
32- And work in advertising
33- My dream job
34- It took me 7 years to get it
35- But i did it
36- I usually get what i want
37- Cause I'm a spoiled brat
38- And determined to have it my way
39- I usually do
40- I love to dance
41- I dance even when i drive
42- I dance when my husband is not around
43- He doesnt enjoy loud music
44- I love to drink
45- I drink accessivly
46- And I rarely get drunk
47- But when i do...its a total disaster
48- I spent jan 1 05 on the bathroom floor
49- With my husband holding my hair
50- I tought i was gonna die
51- Didn't drink since
52- I'm a natural brunette
53- And a blondy by choice
54- They do have more fun
55- I have been a red head too
56- Not so much fun
57- I have 4 ear piercings on my left ear
58- But only 2 on my right
59- I'm very bad with numbers
60- Although I was in sales for 4 years
61- I was very good at my job
62- Sales was a challenge
63- I enjoy a challenge
64- Makes my adrenaline pump faster
65- Plus I have a sweet smile
66- Which makes things easier
67- But eventually I got bored
68- So I left
69- I get bored every 5 minutes
70- I'm high maintanance
71- And need constant attention
73- And care
74- I have ADD
75- All symptoms point that way
76- I'm hyperactive
77- Impulsive
78- And have trouble controlling impulse and activity
79- I don't mind it
80- It's fun
81- My husband does
82- And so do my friends sometimes
83- I don't have many friends
84- I'm not good with people
85- They think I'm rude
86- But I'm not
87- I'm just moody
88- And selfish
89- But a good friend
90- I got hurt by a very close friend once
91- I learned my lesson
92- Never trusted a person since
93- That was back in 02
94- Been a different person since
95- Soon the heat will reach 65 degrees in Kuwait
96- Officially they only claim it reaches 45 degrees
97- It's almost 4PM now
98- I'm extremly bored

99- Need to go home soon
100- Help my hubby pack his bag
101- He's leavin to the US

102- I can go on till I reach 201
103- But I won't
104- You got it, cause i'll get bored :)

Vive La France

9:00 AM today I sent my complaint letter to the French Embassador in Kuwait. 10:30 I got a call from him. I was jumping up and down on my seat just because I got a feedback so fast. Of course the Embassador was not happy of my aggressive letter and the threats that I have raised but nevertheless he was somewhat sweet and funny. We talked for about 30 min very casual discussion, as if I have known him all my life. Then I ask him so what now? he says to come and to collect my Visa since it has been ready since yesterday. Walla shou?

Anyway I go to the Embassy get my Visa for 6 months.

Does this mean an end to my war against France. hmmmm need to think about that

Home Alone

So my hubby is off to the US for 1 week. I tried to convince him to stay longer so I can enjoy wild nights in Kuwait (Yeah Right) but he is planning to come back on his birthday to spend it with moi :) It's his 30th birthday. The initial plan was to spend it in the Red Distrcit in Amsterdam or in the Moulin Rouge in France but that plan was flushed down the toilet...No regrets. So yes, we're gonna be here, in the Sunny City grabbing a Mac and singing happy birthday while puffing the candles off a Mc Flurry.

Sunday, July 17

Come Back Plan

After my ugly encounter with the F*** Embassy I have a plan :). Spend my vacation money on non F*** Products.

1- Digital Camera (so my Memory Card mishap doesn't happen again)
2- Victoria's secret PJ's and stuff
3- HP notebook (need a place to work on my photos)
4- New cabinets for my room (to get rid of the books and magazines lying around)
5- Get rid of any F*** existance in my house
6- Book my flight to Sharm

Update: 7- Escalate the issue to the F*** Embassador to the ministry of foreign affairs and any F*** gov institution that I can get their fax No.

FCUK (intended spelling mistake)

Naiive Moi I decided to give the French another chance, so I called up the Embassy today morning to check up on my Visa, maybe by a miracle they would grant it to me. The rudest Algerian/Moroccan guy asnwers the phone and he starts shouting and screaming as a MIGHTY Lord looking down on us, the normal people, and to begin with his not even French, he's one of those refugees who begged for the nationality. I couldn't believe it how can the employees of an Embassy be so rude? Don't they know that they are representing that country? And we don't have to put it up with their country's crap? F*** France. F*** the French people and F*** French Cheese and French Wine. I started shouting back at him and cursing him in Armenian (and I NEVER EVER curse). I swear, it was stupid of me to give them another chance, but that's it. I renounce every F***ing thing that has to do with that egocentric shit of country. Who do they think they are anyway?

PS: baby I'm not sending our kids to the Lycee anymore. And if the English don't mess with me will send them to the British school.

Saturday, July 16

Yet Another Weekend in The City

Ok so People don't get excited all at once it was just another weekend in the City. to start with, on Thursday, I had to stay late in the office because of a client that couldn't make up his mind if he wanted his media plan to start on Saturday or Sunday. My day ended at 630 when I stoppped to have lunch, yes lunch, since I was with no food the whole day. My stomach felt so heavy that I went straight to bed. It was 8. There goes my 1st half day off.

Friday morning, as usual, I wake up at 7 and at 9 I'm already out of the house. I decided to go to Kuwait City and take photos of the old houses I keep on seeing on my way to work. I took some nice pictures. I love old windows and old doors and old balconys. I was so excited that I was doing something new for a change. Anyways I come back to the car to check my photos, since the weather was hazy and dusty I wanted to make sure that the shots were good, it so happens that my wonderful husband had taken off the memory card from the camera the night before and i was shooting for vain :( no images at all. Then I went to Starbucks Villa Behbehani. That's wat the guy said it's called. It's an old Behbehani house, Alshaya bought it and now it's Starbucks. The place is Ammmmazing, so different than the other bucks's. It;s right behind the church in Kuwait City. So Now I'm switching my Friday coffee breaks form Bucks Salmiya to Bucks Villa Behebehani.

It was around 10:30 when I decided to Landmark Salmiya, the only place open on a Friday morning, I love that. By the time I was in Salmiya I could see in my rear mirror at least 4 cars chasing me. The surprising thing in Kuwait is that Friday morning the streets are already crowded, back in Dubai I would be the only car cruising around at least till 12:30.

After some shopping I went home, woke up my prince charming, went to have lunch with some friends, at Diva's, stay out, then coffee at Marina Mall, the Friday drill, then went to Mark and Nat's place, then went to Sultan for fruits, came home watched a movie and went to sleep by 10.

PS: I appologize for my very long and boring blog but merely it is a cry out of how my weekends feel like.

Wednesday, July 13

Mini Soap Story

I had lunch at Starbucks today. I was alone so as usual I read Bazaar so I don't keep on staring at people. I came across a true soap story and by the time i read half of the story I was cracking out really hard on the floor. I made a scene but it was soooo worth it, I just couldn't stop laughing. The article, a true story, was hillarious. Anyway it got me thinking to how hotel bathrooms can be a real hussle cause they never leave enough space on the sink for the guest's personal stuff, it is always overstuffed with hundreds of mini soaps, endless miniature bottles of anything and everything and in that tiny room you can find every available size of towels and I can never understand those silly Barbie World shampoo bottles, I mean hello not everyone is bald. The last time I was in a hotel in Qatar I called on the maid and took the whole box of shampoos that she had on her trolley.

Monday, July 11

Get Me Out Of Here

It's been crazy today. On my agenda I just had 1 meeting at 11 and that was it, or so I thought. I ended up 1st postponing for 15 min and then not going at all because of a media crisis with one of the clients. At some point it was so crazy that I had to stop just to take a breath. Maybe it's in the local culture but today I learned that size does matter here, and that great minds would clash and empires would fall just because "how come mine is smaller than his, and how come i didn't get it here and he got it there", and I really truly wish that it was a biggy deal to be worth all this fuss. Case is closed now after almost 3 hours of non stop 3 way conf calls and a lot of hair plugging. I just don't get it, people here like tragedies, even better they ask for tragedies and they make the worse out of anything and everything. Ma fee planning, ma fee time magement, ma fee appreciation, ma fee logic, alot of what is going around is unprofessional people sitting behind a desk and chattering about things that they have no clue about making my life a living hell.

Wataniya Online

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to pay my Wataniya bill online???

That's my Hubby

Yesterday night, and i'm guessing probably around midnight, my lovely husband ate 1 kilo of green "taza" almonds. I only know this because i threw away the empty carton box and the cracked shells in the morning. Now I don't qualify as a health expert but eating 1 kilo of pure fat can't be good. The thing is that whenever I ask him if he wants to have dinner with me, he lectures me around 20 min on how its not healthy to eat after 6. Well mister not anymore, you're busted :) And I do weigh less than you and I don't have a tummy, so what are you going to do about it ???

PS: My hubby was a health buff before he met me. After we got married he got sucked into the wonderful world of junkyyyy yummmyyyyy......

Sunday, July 10

Enough is Enough

The last time I applied for the French Visa 9/11 hit. No Visa for Arabs. This time around the London Bombings. No Visa for Arabs again for at least 1 month. My vacation to Europe is officially cancelled. To tell you the truth I had enough of this Visa bullshit and the whole idea of vacation in Europe. It's even for the better, the Euro is so high I would have spent a fortune just to see the Tour Eiffel. As a matter of fact from now on I will only go to places like Egypt, Turkey and the Far East that give "us" the Visa in only 2 days and I don't have to bare with the crap of "Oops you have an Arab Passport Sorry try again when we have World Peace" what the hell, just because they have the Mona Lisa....I let go of my BMW once and I can easily let go of the rest of the European trash. Sharm here I come.....

Thursday, July 7

The Gucci Syndrome

I wasn't aware of the Gucci effect before my last week's trip to lebanon. My hubby got me my 1st Gucci bag this past Valentine and since then I added on my handbag an Omega watch a couple of diamond rings and a closet full of designer cloths. I lived in Dubai for 7 years and before that in Leb for 18 years and never I wanted to have a piece of clothing or jewellery that costed more than $20, but my God Oh as soon as I moved to Kuwait over a year ago that soon took over me the Gucci Effect. The culture of the local community in Kuwait is so imposing that creates a highly pressured obligation to walk the walk and talk the talk of the so captivating world of fashion and brands. Girls and boys, young and old are fashion conscious as they are tagged from head to toe. This addiction soon caught the eyes of the x-pats that got sucked right into the never ending world of brand wonders. Now I can spot from miles a Gucci bag , a Chopard Watch, Fendi shoes, Cavalli pants Chanel perfume...Last week when I was in Lebanon, and as I was so pourdly holding up my Gucci bag that to my surprise it was being percieved as a good fake mock up. Designer Brands shopping has never been part of the Lebanese fashion culture. I mean of course there is always a niche society craving for brands but it never crawls outside the nouveaux riches areas of Lebanon. After that it was such a relief to let go of the fashion barrierrs that Kuwait had imposed on me and enjoy shopping in the street of Burj Hammoud buying $1 what sue me....

Weekend Fever

All I want to do this weekend is to watch tv in bed, get in Thursday afternoon and get out of bed only by Saturday morning to go to work. I only watch MBC 4 and ONE and my remote has a 'last" command wich switches back and forth between the last 2 chosen channels, so I don't even have to press the channels, BTW after TV this "last" button is the 2nd best invention. Anyway it turns out that there is something wrong with my cable/reciever and if MBC is airring, ONE tv will have bad reception :( I need to watch CSI at 7:30 on ONE so I hope MBC will be down then.

Croque Monsieur

So I applied for my French Visa yesterday, leaving to France on the 24th, and I am blessed to say that the only thing the Embassy didn't want a copy of was my urine test. They wanted a salary certifcate, work permit, medical insurance, original ticket, hotel reservations, my blood type bla bla bla and after they get all that they will think if they should give me a Visa to enter their Holy Land. Process should take about 12 days. I hate to travel because of this stupid Visa appplication process and the humiliation I have to endure begging for a visit Visa.

PS: Indian and Philipino Passport holders are granted their Shengen Visa in 24 hours, Lebanese passport holders in 12 days and counting...

War of the Worlds

Everyone has been talkin about this movie and a few people agree that it's actually a good one. So yesterday I decided to watch it to decide on my own. The overall rating can be as high as 7/10.

The + points are:
1- Director
2- Special effects
3- The ending (last scene)

The - points are:
1- The badly directed humanitarian side of the story ( the 2 children). The little girl is an annoying brat and the boy is a stupid baby. Also the bond betwen Cruz and the children seemed phony and honestly that part of the movie could have been easily cut.
2- It's a short movie. Some scenes were unreasonbly long which took out from the share of good action scenes.

Overall the movie was much better than Batman Begins which can be easily titled "Batman, I wish it never begun"

Tuesday, July 5

Back to Reality

My Blog was on vacation for the past 1 week. Missed it loads....Now I'm back to life, back to reality... and as soon as i get over with this crazy day at work I'll start posting again.


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