Sunday, August 28

Team Work

All the jobs I had before used to be a one "man" show. I control all the plugs and if something goes wrong it's 100% my fault and if something works it's 100% my achievment. I learned to rely only on myself to get the ball rolling. BUT, unfortunatly in advertising that's not how things work and if you have 1 lazy irresponssible bum the whole team gets screwed. I HATE THAT. It's tough getting used to team work and that somtimes I have to just sit and wait till the other members do their jobs and eventually turns out that they have screwed you....but pay attention (Purgatory style)... with a big smile on their face.

Tuesday, August 23

Foot Fetishism

Foot fetishism is a pronounced fetishistic sexual interest in human feet. It is also one of the most common fetishistic interests among humans. A foot fetishist can be sexually aroused by viewing, handling, licking, tickling, sniffing or kissing the feet and toes of another person, or by having another person doing the same to their own feet. There is no reliable data on the number of foot fetishists but estimates indicate something in the region of between one quarter to three quarters of one per cent of the adult male population (aged over 17).
Why foot fetishism? Why on my blog? Cause honestly it's getting annoying. Apparently it's the latest hype in the City and I personally don't appreciate someone constantly checking out my toes as I pass by.

A Poem

After the "Call" from Nadine yesterday I started practicing my fake French accent (I haven't done that in a while) and I remembered this poem written for me, in a French Accent. It was written by one of my collegues at IBM Dubai and was read out loud by the GM on the day I left them.

Whenever you think of us, please read this aloud in your fantastic French accent!
Zhere be a girl who work in zis ooffice
a sweet angel faced doll
who make our days brighter zan bright
and work lighter zan light
(yeah zat was just to make it rhyme alright!)

She float around like a bootiful butterfly sometime
and sometime she sit there glum as can be
zen again she go chirpin high
like a bird zat is just been set free
her eyes shine with innocense
but beware! she take no nonsense
but no matter what
she be an absolute sweetheart

Now she say she leaves us and goes
and go she will
cos when 'er mind's made up
she listen to only 'er own free will
we wish the world for you dear Mariana
and we so sad to see you go
but when we think of you
we smile and cherish
the memories of all good times we'ave had

SWG, IBM Middle East 31/03/2003

We all cried that day!

Echoes Of My Mind

Yesterday I got a call from "Nadine" she is my counter part in lebanon. We talked around 10 min and after she hung up I realized this: " I cannot ever again survive in Lebanon". If I ever think of going back to Leb and work there someday (I hope soooon) I need to go to a crash course of "how to act Lebanese" so that I can get a job and be accepted in "the" community. Oh La La... Zees Eeez Too Much....

On the other hand I bought my Ticket to Lebanon. Hurraaaaaaahhhh. I'm going next Thursday for 1 week. The thing is every time I go to Leb I only stay home with my parents. I figure out they only get to see me for a couple of days every few months so I need to give them all my time and be a good girl and stay at home. Well this time I have a different plan. The City has started getting on my skin so I need to take a break and pamper MOI. So I'm booking facials, massage, A class treatment...AND I'm takin my mom with me :)

The last old building around my office area is being demolished. In a way I feel excited to see what will be the new thing replacing it but still I cannot avoid feeling sad and disapointed thinking of the workers the architect and the owner of that hotel, they must have been so proud seeing that 3 story building errect shee 20 years ago. Yalla C'est La Vie...We can't ask for development and feel sad about it too. Old bricks would have to be replaced by new ones eventually.

Last but not least, my boss is back after his 3 weeks vacation. While he was away I was "the" Boss in the office. Walking the walk and talkin the talk. I got real close to the whole team during that time, I'm the only girl. I was promised a promotion if I did good. Honestly I did a pretty damn job, we didn't miss 1 single deadline, bas on the other hand I have only been in the company for 4 months while others have been there for 4 years, and I don't think it would be fair :(

Do you think life is fair.....NEVER
Grab what you can and run for your life

Bonne Journee (Practicing My Lebanese)

Thursday, August 18

SOS - Visit Visa Required

I'm tryin to get a Visit Visa for my brother. He's planning to come 1st of September. Due to the latest bribery "rumours" they have stoppped all Visas :( I've talked to all of my "wasta's" but even they can't help me this time. Dunno what to do. Just when I'm about to see the light at the end of the tunnel (i mean when i'm just about to start enjoying this City) yet another dead end ahead. Was it always this hard? complicated?

Wednesday, August 17

To Know Me Better

Getting inspired from Blahsa I decided to write down the top 10 reasons for being MOI (a Saggitaruis) so you all get to know me a little bit more ( I've beenwith Fady for 7 years and he still can't figure me out).

The below is taken from
here (not my own words, comments added)
10- You're a lucky duck - (yes I am )
9- Your motto: I mean well really (oops Freudian slips, not my fault)
8- You'll travel anywhere anything (that's why I always carry my passport with me )
7- Life of the party (just ask my husband)
6- Good sense of humour (ouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii)
5- Love your friends like crazy (hmmmm need to ask them)
4- More patience than a rock (NO WAY)
3- Suffers from foot'n'mouth disease (hmmmmmmmmm)
2- Make an olympic event out of being a couch potatoe (correction....bed potatoe)
1- You were born under the sign of an archer (dunno what that means)

PS: The few people who know me please feel free to jump in to add/correct/challenge the T's & C's of being a Saggi.

Tuesday, August 16

Illegal Driver

Today I found out that I need to be a resident of Kuwait for 2 years before applying for a driving licencse, (that's without wasta, B&W rule). If I follow the law I would be spending a min of kd 170/- on taxi's a month. I am a flexible person so please convince me why this law makes sense and I will happilly abide by it.

Monday, August 15

Next Please (Blog Etiquette)

I have a blog run in the morning (between 8 and 930) and another in the afternoon (between 230 and 4). Also I usually post around those times. The thing is, during my blog runs I easily miss out on fresh posts, which makes me wonder...what is the life span/validity of a post? I mean if a post has more than 10 comments the possibility of its running dry is much higher than a newly posted one. So personally I skip commenting on that particular post and I jump to another. Also If a post is been lying on the page for 3 days can it still be open for comments? Wouldn't that be old stuff? And what about multiple posts per day? Doesn't that interfere with the rating of a previous post that wasn't given enough air time and didn't have its fair chance to be spotted by readers?

So Many questions? So little Time?

PS: This Post was just me Bored...Thinking out loud...

And A Small Bottle Of Water???

This post probably sounds like one of Waiter Rant's posts.... What is it with waiters and their constant questions about bottle of water. Here how this goes:

It's lunch time me and my hubby in a restau in the City. As soon as we sit down...
Waiter: A Small Bottle of Water
Moi: No, thank you I'll have a lemonade
Waiter: And what about a small bottle of water?
Moi (irritated already): No thanks
Waiter (talkin to fady): What about you sir?
Fady: I'll have a pespi with ICE

We have lunch at this place every single day and we always ALWAYS order the same thing, and you think he would know by now that we NEVER EVER get WATER.

PS: I know that Mc Do and BK make more money on the Soft drinks than on the burger itself but at least they don't rub it in your face. And a Coke Sir? What about a Coke? Diet Coke? How about Fanta?

Heat and Hair Growth

Some people, MOI, claim that their hair grows faster during the summer. Is this true, and if so, is the increased growth rate caused by the higher temperatures and / or humidity experienced during the summer?

Sunday, August 14

Step On It

Overtaking a Maserati on Gulf Road makes me sad inisde. I'm at 120 KM/H and my RPM is pumping red and this guy is cruising around. How can he be so cruel and not treat her right :(

Villa Fayrouz - Express

Opening Soon in Baghdad street Salmiyah. It's the best lebanese restau in the City and now it's even more conveniant...service to the car. I love Kuwait they know how to pamper the clients.

The Rise of The City

The re-construction projects around the City are at full speed, which makes me happy and excited and I kinda wanna stick around for a few more years to see the results. New bridges are being built. Old buildings demolition is at its peak. The Municipality is busy giving face lifts to the major streets. Traffic police busy issuing tickets and locking the cars parked in the middle of the street. What I would like to see after a few years is a clean modern civilized Kuwait. The country has an excellent potential to become one of the best in the Gulf. Come on people it's about time to make good things happen.
Next on the municipality's agenda should be the following:
1- Bus traffic control (the guy thinks he's driving a Mini)
2- Littering fine (in Dubai it was AED 500 thats around KD 40)
3- More speed bumps on the roads
4- More petrol stations (couldnt harm if they build a mini store also in the stations)
5- Strict traffic rules ( sometimes i feel there aren't any...each one for his life)
6- Getting rid of all the ridiculously large roundabouts (to avoid bottle necks)
7- Fix the plantation and the irregation system
8- Re-build the airport (it's PINK)

PS: Check out the Link for the upcoming projects in the City

Thursday, August 11

Citizens Of The World

My child's family tree:
1- Father - Lebanese (passport) + Greek Genes + Muslim
2- Mother - Lebanese (passport) + 100% Armenian origines (mother tongue and culture) + Greek Genes + Christine

I thought that was confusing enough until I met my new friends:
Friend A:Has an American passport. His father holds the Egyptian passport but he has Turkish origins. His Mother born and raised in Syria (holds the passport) is Armenian, but I'm guessing that now she holds the Egyptian passport. He was born and raised in Kuwait. He's 23.

Friend B: Holds a Canadian passport. Her father was born and raised in Egypt but holds the Lebanese Passport. Her mother is Armenian but holds the Lebanese passport as she was born and raised there. My friend was born and raised in Kuwait. She is 25.

To sum up: Which land and culture do we belong to? My husband and I are planning to apply to Canadian passports or even give birth to our children in the US for the passport. What would be then? I don't think I will be able to raise an American child (I have no clue of their culture). I will be raising an Armenian child although none of us holds the nationality and I personnaly haven't even been to Armenia.

For my husband, it's simple, he goes by the passport as it is the land that gives you your identity. But for me it's still the culture regardless of the passports that you hold.

Wednesday, August 10

Summer Time And The Livin Is Easy

Many have left while few of us stayed. Do I need to feel guilty that I'm not on vacation and that I would probably not go away this summer? Looking at the bright side, always, well not... but just for the sake of this post, I think staying in the City during the summer is the wisest thing to do.
1- NO traffic
2- You can find an empty chair in any Starbucks in the City
3- You can find a parking spot in the malls at any given time and day
4- The probability of spotting FerrariS or LamburginiS has been cut down to 0. So no more WOW's and AHHHH's from us "the normal people"
5- The telephone in the office almost never rings which leaves plenty of spare time to blog or chat
6- All in all the City looks peaceful and calm which is a blessing

Enjoy your summer or what is left of it at least....

Tuesday, August 9

Mumbo Jumbo

That was it for me people. I hit rock bottom. This past week SUCKED. SHIT is still on, but I thought I would come up for air. You know what... maybe it's just the weather, when the sky is gloomy my soul is too (hey I can use this in one of my tragic poems), anyway I was ( and I still am) Depressed, Discouraged, Disapointed. But, and not to make this a mooshy post, I could always try and say something about the stupid reckless drivers or the endless road constructions and the sewage smell in Salmiyah or even how suffocated I feel in this City but I won't cause I will just be another hypocrite which I'm not (yeah right...). But really people whats next? It seems that I can't find the answer to this question and that is making me go NUTS. I have to know whats next so that I have a plan cause without it I feel like floating in air (dust in the wind) and that is the worst feeling ever not fighting for something or even not wanting something. So I have been reading alot of new blogs lately, (you know to get inspired and find my "what's next") and it turns out that the blog world is a "TV Guide". You know your shows, the ones you watched a few episodes of and you decided you wanted to stick to them, so everyday you wait for a new episode. Some blogs are funny some are like soap operas (OMG OMG) some are search engines, shopping references, photo albums....which made me wonder what is mine like (hmm maybe need a new plot/theme to increase readership and have my own fan club), I can start talking about the crazy things I did or that I still wanna do and turn it into one of those confession sites, which are pretty good by the way. People confessing their weirdest funniest and scariest stuff. Do you think life would be more interesting if there were less rules and restrictions or would it be chaotic and savage? I'm not sure....Can I just leave all this behind and go sell shells on an island or learn carpet threading on a mountain...I think I need to start doing new things. Better to prepare a list and go thorough it 1 by 1. Hmm not bad, that can be a plan....yalla I'm off I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, August 7

Different Kind of Good Weather

I like this weather. The view from my office window is very melancolique, it actually feels like a cold windy winter afternoon (extremly cold AC in the office is helping out). I wanna go home get in bed watch TV and have a Hot Chocolate. Just like the cold nights in Leb.

Friday, August 5

SHIFT_The Future

Our GMC is broken down. Battery dead. Fady rented a Nissan Alitma. I'ver never been a Nissan fan, the models were never to my taste so I was never bothered about the engine and spec details. Today I had no choice so I had to drive it. The car is "an ultimate driving machine" (sorry BMW). It's slick and smooth, powerful responsive and a thrill to drive. To my luck tonight there were no sports cars on the Gulf Road so I couldn't test it against other cars but I'm sure i would have passed a few. But I still managed to get to max speed and try the brakes' responsivness :) All in all it was a very exciting drive especially compared to my slow and heavy Envoy. Still I wouldn't actually buy a Nissan because the interior still is basic and very poor and the exterior, the actual car, looks dull. No hard feelings Carlos.

Tuesday, August 2

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

The Deadliest sin is ego. The Worst enemy is laziness. The Largest asset is liability. The Biggest trap is ambition. If you balance these elements you become valuable, worthy of livin. And if you lose control and empower 1 over the other you become worse than recycled toilet paper, a parasite*. Do u sense attitude. U bet you do. Today is the tipping point of ME. You may call it PMS or even depression. I call it cause and effect of f***ing stupid assholes that walk around breathing our air and filling up our precious land space (which well applies even after their death).

* An organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host.

Look around you the large % of people fall into that category. It's the 20/80 rule. 20% of the population contribute to the survival of our planet and the evolution of our species, when the remaining 80% live off the 20%. A happy person is the one belonging to the 80% category cause he does shit but enjoys the benefits of life to the fullest without even lifting a finger or having the slighest worries. The miserable fellow is the one belonging to the 20% minority that kills himself off to make the world a better place but who doesn't even have the time to enjoy it.

Life will be life...and the 20% will never join the 80%. The minority will feel accomplished having passed through life giving their 100% and the majority will feel proud for having habitually taken advantage of the generosity of others.

PS: I'm disapointed of not being able to elaborate and give actual examples.

Monday, August 1

The Louis Vuitton Syndrome

Back in July I posted "The Gucci Syndrome" which was a fashion shout out but the "LV Syndrome" is a financial heads up.
While I was going through my July end of the month balance statement I found out that I had spent more than 30% of my salary on Coffee and lunches and dinners and some more Coffee. With KD 5/- here and there at the end of the month it's adding up to a lot of money that I'm spending without even being bothered, when actually my 30% is someone else's 100%. So I decided to put my money into something useful. If I'm gonna spend that much at least let me spend it on something tangible that will stay with me long after a few hours. So after work yesterday I walk to Salhiya and get me a LV wallet. My coffee money % is down plus I have a new wallet, I don't feel that bad anymore. It's a good plan.


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