Friday, September 30

Do You Make Your First Impression Your Best Impression?

In 1 word describing their first impressions of me:
Toomz and Purg said sweet, Ram said crazy, JC said bubbly, and S said sleepy.

I know MANY who would challenge the above but me being a sweety I will not even go there :)

Bye Bye Jonnny

Johnny Rockets used to have the best burger ever. It was the juiciest, thickest and the closest to the real thing. But not anymore. Yesterday we went there for lunch and after waiting for 55 minutes we get what I call now a Mc Donalds "Wanna be". The patty is now thin, I could swear it's the same as Mc Do's bread. The meat is oily and the pickles not the right ones. I mean it was a disaster. It was the best as long as it lasted. So how come successful companies become greedy all of a sudden and they think they can get away with it and fool the customers?

Wednesday, September 28

Laundry Ticket

Yesterday when I was doing laundry, oh well someone has to do it eventually, I noticed 314BR written in black on the inside of one of my shorts. It was 1998, Dubai. Our first appartment together, me and my hubby. Beau Rivage, room 314. It was a furnished hotel studio and it had these big windows all over the room. It was there on November the 5th that I had my first Quarter Pounder, I still remember how that first bite tasted, that's not a metaphor I'm really just talking about a Burger. 7 years later we're in Kuwait, living in a 4 bedroom house, stopped having Mc Donalds 6 years ago and our laundry now comes with ugly punched tags which we remove every single time and the "poor" laundry man puts them again every single time. I mean it's a shirt it's not a Memo, why does he have to double staple* the number????

*Stapel: A U-shaped metal loop with pointed ends, driven into a surface to hold a bolt, hook, or hasp or to hold wiring in place....Not laundry, it's not part of its job description.

Monday, September 26

Mar Reporting

Mar to blogworld. Do you read me? Hectic Mar is reporting to blogworld. Mar's universe is chaotic with constant volcanic erruptions and mindblowing earthquackes. The hurricane Mar has hit my cocoon. Updates soon. Over and Out.

Friday, September 16

Good While It Lasted

Goodbye empty roads. Goodbye empty malls. Goodbye empty parking spots. Goodbye silence and peace of mind. The pilgrims are back. The streets are pumping again with buzzing cars and gliding rainbows*. The City is ALIVE. Summer days were good as long as they lasted but we all knew that the day would come again when we will face this dread of awful traffic and puzzling fashion. With the blood pumping again in the veins of the City so is my work load is sagging on my back. Reports, Presentations, deadlines, more reports, more presentations and more deadlines. My body is aching and I don't even have the time to reboot and restart. It's a continous never ending loop. My boss always says "life is never easy". I guess that's true but as long as you're doing something you enjoy and you have a clear plan of what and why then you might be on the right track of not making life any harder than it actually is. Oof that sounded like a chinese proverb. Yalla people take your coats out of storage cause cold rainy days are just around the corner Yeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaa (shouted the Dukes).

*A chain of spectral colors, usually identified as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, that emmerges in the City as a result of altered perception in fashion.

Monday, September 12

Back To Square One

My Hubby and I were supposed to relocate to Dubai again before the end of this year. We both had mixed feelings about it. I mean we just got here and just made new friends and just got used to the chaos in the City to the point that I'm actually enjoying it . I mean the City is just starting to bridges, fly overs, skyscrapers, and I want to stay and see the end results. But on the other hand, I miss my 2 day weekends, my mini skirts, the endless wild nights and the cheap gyms. But moving again it's not easy. We have to sell everyting again, pack what's left, find a new house, new cars new job. Ya3ni it can be hectic plus I can still survive a few more years in Kuwait. So now it's official, well almost. We're staying in Kuwait for a few more years. Maybe 2. Well I think. I'm not sure.

Sunday, September 11

My Wish, Their Command

Finally...A jam line in Kuwait. I've been here for 1 year now and every morning on my way to work I always wish to listen to traffic report. It's very important, especially when I'm running late to work. Well today was the day. Marina FM has a jam line and listeners/drivers can call in with their input. I love this station. They are on top of things. They have the best shows, live discussions, so ever ammazing mixes and a jam line....

PS: I'm thinking of applying for a job there as a DJ traineee. No Money. Just for the fun of it. Maybe I'll go knock on their door next time I'm in the Marina.... and yes I'm Baaaack :)

Thursday, September 1

One Last Thing - 3rd post in a row

I hate those email chains. They go like " send this to at least 15 people in the next 1 hour and you will become super woman". Helloooooo I don't know 15 people. Do you think I'll burn in Hell for stopping the roll?

Attention Citizens

I have to spread this News. As a customer of Elysium health club, it was brought to my attention that there has been a recent change in managment. The new Boss is a Pakistani woman. No discrimination. Just the fact that the most elegant and clean spa/saloon in the City, purely subjective, is being run by a Pakistani, when in fact it needs to be run by a French Lady. The thing is, this "woman" has been there for 10 days and she has already terminated 25 people and she cut down the remaining people's salary by KD 50 each, and now she makes everyone work from 9 to 9. Is this for real....I think in this part of the world "managment" as a principal doesn't exist.

Pink Toe Nails

For some reason can't get that song out of my head. It's from the movie "don't say a word" with Micheal Douglas. Oh by the way I have been trying, with no luck, to get the background song of the new Sunsilk shampoo TV Commercial. HELLLLLP!!!

I'm off to LIban for 10 days....YIpeeeee....and then I'm back :( (this one is for Ram)

Things have been extremly hectic lately, no time to stop for air, as I put it always.

And Kuwait I'm starting to Love You. There I said it. Now things will become messy and moosh

While I'm gone don't do anything I wouldn't do.....And guys enjoy EC today


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