Monday, October 31

Cry Wolf

Y my windows are crying out humidity when they should be crying out rain?

Saturday, October 29

My Nocturnal Adventure

I had just come back home from my German class tonight when suddenly I saw a black thing crawling down the entryway leading to my house. It was a cockroach. And what I fear the most in this world are flies and roaches. The hair at the back of my neck is standing just by typing this. So there it was, standing between me and the staircases door. I stood there watching carefullly his tiny moves just to find the right moment to pass. I stayed there for almost 10 minutes when I realized that I need help. But who? None of the doormen were in sight, not even a car was passing by. As the humidity was going through my freshly blowdried hair I decided to knock on my neighbours' door. I knew only the maids must be in the house as their cars were not parked outside. I knocked and knocked till after about 10 minutes a skinny maid opened the door and I tried helplessly to explain the situation to her in Gibrish Arabic. Knowing that she could be my only way out of this situation I grab her hand and drag her to the hallway and point to "the thing". "Ahhhhh hada nothing, only small very small" she says smiling as I instruct her to kill it. Mission accomplished. I was saved by the flip flops of the maid.

Friday, October 28

Please Forgive Me...

I'm sick.... (honest, really, walla I swear)

Thursday, October 27

Come Into My World

The below are the echoes of my mind and in no particular order.

1- I have just completed my level2 German language course at Berlitz. Next week is my exam. I will continue to level 3 in November.
2- For Eid Holiday me and my hubby are going to Paris (Oh La La) and to Munich (just for the taste of a Frankfurter). We will miss you.
3- My hairdresser got fired from Elysium and now every day is a bad hair day :(
4- Got used to working at double speed during Ramadan from 9 to 3 I'm not sure how I will survive the 9 to 6 working hours after it.
5- Got out of my cocoon yesterday and spent a lovely evening with very nice people. Thanks to Ram.
6- My brother got a job at Deloite as junior auditor, he'll be staying with us. youpeeeeeeeee
7- I would like to rest you assured that my housemaid is coming 3 times a week every week and my house is clean and tidy.
8- Baby bought a Harley Davidson. Delivery in 3 weeks.
9- I'm seriously thinking about doin "it" (need to finalize terms and conditions)
10- This Saturday it will be 7 years since we got married (contract will be re-examined at the 10th anniversary)
11- I'm sorry I haven't been a good Blogger lately (in both posting and keeping up with the fellow bloggers). Things will be back to normal soon.

Friday, October 21

Nissan Radio Jingle

The below is the subjective opinion of the author and by it I mean no personal harm and only the good of society:

Nissan Al Babtain, and during the month of Ramadan, are the sponsors of the morning show on RKFM. Stuck in traffic everyday for at least 1 hour I get to hear their jingle alot. At first I didn't pay much attention to the lyrics but time after time the words make a strong impact. So it goes like this:

Who cares for you and your Nissan vehicle too...Al Babtain,
Who’s always there with great advice to share...Al Babtain
Who helps you drive and makes you feel that you’re alive...Al Babtain

Now, I have nothing against Nissan or Al Baptain or even Being Alive, I just have a problem rationalising the lyrics and trying to understand the logic behind Al Babtain"making me feel good that I'm alive".

North Wind

Remember the scene from "Cast away" when the flag on the pole in a split of a second changes direction. It's when the wind starts blowing from a different angle and it's the right time to sail away from the island. Yesterday night at about 10PM the same thing happened in the City. Or at least that's how I imagined it. The wind changed its direction bringing with it the cold that I have been waiting for since the beginning of October. I can't remember who exactly but someone asked me some time back when will it be cold again in Kuwait, and I had said October 20. I guess I was right :)

Thursday, October 20

Set The Record Straight

I started typing a few posts before this one but I deleted them all never knowing who might be readin my blog :). The message that I want to get across is that I rather die alone than getting caught laughing at someone's stupid jokes or be a part of artificial chit chats. I might die poor and lonely but shoot me in the face if you ever see me socializing with anyone because I have to. I will spit in your face if i don't like you. BUT people lately have taken on their life objective to drag everyone around them to their little circle of "social life", maybe because there is nothing better to do in Kuwait. Shouldn't you get the message that I'm not interested in talking to you if I never call??? In Liban I have no more than 5 friends (I lived there for 18 years, been through school and college). In Dubai where I lived for 7 years I have 2 close friends and in Kuwait I have only met my friends a few months back (they are still less than 10) but these are the people I like to be with. So you guys out there that I dont smile back at you MOVE ON, it will never happen.

Wednesday, October 19

Bank Hunt

The sign will point Right/Left or Straight forward, but I dare you to find "it" (the object of the pointer). Bank signs are everywhere (this can easily be "Only in Kuwait" post by zee way) but once you decide to follow one you're lost in the world of arrows. Kababji only accept cash. I never carry cash. Hence my Bank Hunt at 430 in the afternoon. The guy said follow the sign its just around the corner. Ayya corner. I brushed the whole of Salmiyah, taking right here, and then left there and yet another right and after spinning round and round Thank God I found an ATM which was not even the same one of the arrows I followed.

Monday, October 17

Only In Kuwait

A police car slowing up traffic behind him in the middle of rush hour to hit on a female driver in the next lane.

Sunday, October 16

A Place In Heaven

I left work yesterday at 6:05 PM had my Foutour at 6:20.
When I was still stuck at work because of a stupid client, may God never have mercy on his soul, he comes to me just before Iftar time and he goes like.."since you will be here for some time let me get you some milk and dates so that I clear my name with God, or I win some place in heaven" (forgot what were the exact words). Stupid a$$hole, he is not satisfied that he is making me work in vain just because he has no family to go to and he doesn't want to stay alone he is also bull$$ithing me about a good deed.

Fazzoura (lost count)

Is it for real??? when someone knows that he is getting on your nerves and he does his best to make you suffer even more for him to enjoy more just because he has nothing else to do?

Thursday, October 13

My 1st Blogworld Tag :)

I was tagged by JC. Never had one of these before. Not sure what's the drill. Here I go anyways.

1. Last movie you saw in a theater: Dukes of Hazard.
2. What book are you reading? Picked up "Life as i see it" by Einstein (still struggling with the 1st chapter)
3. Favorite board game? I will go also with "Knowing Me, Knowing You" (interesting)
4. Favorite magazine? depends on the month really (holidays/martha stewart, house moving/deco stuff, fashion change/cosmo trash)
5. Favorite smell? gasoline (yummmy)
6. Favorite food? Italian with lots and lots of white sauce and mushrooms (less not 4500 calories... I'm not interested)
7. Favorite sound? Informercials (they are my lullabies)
8. Worst feeling in the world? hungry ( I become moody and intolerable...need to be fed on all times)
9. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up? What will I be wearing
10. Favorite fast food place? BK (kings of french fries oops I mean freedom fries)
11. Future child's name? Boy: Kai (Hawaiin for Wave). Girl: Thea (but u can go ahead and use those names I'm not having any soon :))
12. Finish this statement. If I had a lot of money: No comment. It's a judgmental question since the answer will involve lots of diamonds and Gucci's :)
13. Do you drive fast? I drive with no fear (need that when you've been driving without a license all your life)
14. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Whenever my hubby gets me a new one (the last one was a pink dawg from Victoria's secret)
15. Storms, cool or scary? Cooooooool. (so romantic)
16. What was your first car? 1995 BMW 525 (fast and furious).
17. Favorite drink? Cappuccino with skeemed milk, tall, paper cup.
18. Finish this statement, "If I had the time I would...": clean the house NOT
19. Do you eat the stems on broccoli? They come together, don't they?
20. If you could dye your hair any color, what would be your choice? I dyed all the colors that I wanted already. For my next one I'm lost between orange red and orange yellow (any suggestions?)
21. Name all the different cities/ towns you have lived in? Lebanon, Syria, Swizterland (1 whole month counts right), UAE, Kuwait
22. Half empty or half full? Half empty (the thrill of finding out later that it's half full is AMMAZING)
23. Favorite sports to watch? F1
24. One nice thing about the person who tagged you? Very Sweet :) and thoughtful
25. Morning person, or night owl? MORNING
26. Over easy, or sunny side-up? If my dad is doing it then over easy, if it's my hubby then its scramblled with milk if it's a caffe then it's omlette with cheese and bacon.
27. Favorite place to relax? My bed watchin TV...falling asleep
28. Favorite pie? Chicken and mushroom with white sauce

And that's ladies and gentlemen is the end if this Tag. I hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned, more will come soon.

Day 10 Fazzoura

What's the logic behind starting work 1 hour late during Ramadan YET wake up earlier than usual, get stuck in a horrible horrible traffic and reach'the office with a blood pressure reaching boiling point ???

Sunday, October 9

1 million$ Fazzoura

When will Mar get out of this turmoil?

Home Clean Home

Believe me I'm blushing as I'm writing this, but it has to be said. Today was the day that my house got cleaned. Yes dear bloggers I have been in this house since last December and today, after more than 10 months, my house was cleaned by a professional. I was not home when she came but I was told that she dusted and puffed and swept and huffed for hours and hours. Tomorrow she's comin again. Today she only managed to finish the right wing of the house, master bedroom and living room, tomorrow she's attacking the left wing, 3 guest bedrooms, office and kitchen. May God be with her. All this was the introduction, sorry for dragging it...all I wanna get across out of this cleaning experience is this: why do cleaning ladies insist on re-decorating the house? They move the carpets, rearrange the photo frames and the miniatures off the coffee tables....why? Is this a secret pact of the cleaning ladies underworld, could this be their way in telling us that since they are the ones cleaning our house they get to say where goes what :( Am I handing over my house ownership by delegating the cleaning chores? Should I feel threatened?

Friday, October 7

What For

Why do I even need a day off (Fridays). To start with it's only 1 day, I do wake up early just as a regular day I don't get to relax since I need to squeeze all the pending stuff in this 1 day and they are still tones of pending work to do at the office.

Yesterday I considered myself lucky being able to leave the office at 2. One of my clients, Holy with the spirit of Ramadan, was kind enough not to let me hanging in the office till 3:00 PM. I get home at 2:30 go to City Centre to buy Iftar food and by the time I get home and while I'm still in the car I get "the call". A crisis has occured. Is it my fault? it doesn't matter, cause as I said before advertising is a team work, but I do have to solve it on this Thursday when noone is reachable. I spend the next 45 minutes calling right and left to try to come up with a solution. At 4:45 I set to prepare Ifatr. Rice with meat, chicken and soup and fattoush but my phone keeps on ringing until about 5:30 when the whole world crashes down and I swallow the 1st sip of the day with most difficulty. It's not later in the night at around 8:30 that I almost solve the issue and I start enjoying my weekend.

So far so good...until I wake up at 5:00 AM today with this intolerable pain in my kidney and my left leg. I kept silence till about 6:00 but being already tired from the day before I couldn't fight back and I had to wake up my baby to take care of me.

Yet another wonderful Ramadan day.

Fazzoura 3

Some people have it more than the others but no matter how much and how high it is dropping fast duirng Ramadan?

Fazzoura 2

Rain or Shine Ramadan or Nein (it just rhymes) this never changes.

Wednesday, October 5

Fawazeer Ramadan

I present to you fawazeer "Mar Ya Mar". 30 days 30 fazzoura. Enjoy....

Fazzoura 1:
What is faster than a speeding bullet at 4:30 on route 30?

A housewife rushing home to prepare Iftar. Move People Move !!

Route 50

It was a hectic Ramadan start.
6:30 woke up not knowing if its Ramadan or not
8:30 left the house
9:00 stuck in traffic in front of my house
9:45 at the office

10:00-4:15 work non stop as usual

4:20 hunting for iftar food
5:00 set the table wait for the paryer
5:45 go to the airport pick up my love

7:00 food shopping for the next day
9:30 go to the airport to pick up my brother
11:30 going back home on route 50 fot the 2nd time in a row

12:AM Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ramadan Kareem everyone.....A peaceful and a more relaxing month for all

Monday, October 3

Copy Cat

Serious Middle Eastern Creative Authenticity crisis. For the past 3 years min, all the entertainment shows and even the Video Clips that the Arabic channels are airing are all the exact copies of Western shows, taken from the US, France, Italy....Did we lose the touch? Or is it just so happens that it's easier and of course much more profitable to pay for the rights of the show and not waste time energy and resources coming up with new concepts. The sad thing is even if the concept is the same the quality is not. I'm not sure who is the audiance of these copy cat shows but i prefer watching the original one . Our cultures are not alike, although we would like to believe that they can be alike, but honestly I'm not gonna sit and watch a 200 kg's Egyptian woman running on the treadmill wearing shorts trying to become the Arab world's biggest loser.

Sunday, October 2

Jobs In Kuwait

So I decided to start my own recruitment services since I keep on noticing the constant growing need of new fields of expertise around the City.

Today's Hot Job is: Temperature Control Officer:

Job Description:
• Ensure that the area's temperature level requirements are fulfilled
• Provide inputs to the temperature strategy formulation and planning processes as requested
• Promote temperature level awareness and achievement
• Provide input regarding temperature quality standards in respect of all products and services and give reports on quality compliance and recommend corrective measures to be taken
• Set up and maintain quality control methods and documentation
• Assess the quality related training needs of all employees and advice HR on inclusion in training plans

This position is risen due to the growing fact that offices, starting with mine, and public malls and buildings are freezing and the concept of an air condition is missundaztood. With the temprature going down this position is top urgent with immediate hiring. Candidates with delicate sense of common sense should apply.

Guess Who

My brother is finally coming to Kuwait. If you remember I have been trying to get him a visa since June maybe but with endless arms twisting i got it for him last week and he's coming this Tuesday. Can't wait. When he visited me in Dubai 2 years ago we had so much fun going out playing around plus he helps me fix stuff around the house which is the perfect timing cause I wanna start redecorating my house. The Visa is for 1 month but i will probably renew and I hope it will be easier this time.

Saturday, October 1

A Centrino Of My Own

My baby is in Dubai. He went there for Gitex but he decided to stay the whole week since he has some stuff to do. Anywhooooo to cut the bla bla short he called me today morning to tell me that he is getting me a Centrino :) I swear just only this Thursday I was telling Ram that I want to get an iBook for Xmas. But I think my baby heard my wish....
I can't wait till my baby is back so I can play with my new gadget. I will also be getting one of those foofpod's to keep it warm.


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