Saturday, December 10

Season's Greetings

It's that time of year again. Personally I'm not celebrating X-mas or New Year this year. I Gave away my tree and locked up the ornaments. No turkey this year, no presents no fancy dresses no Holiday Spirit. Don't ask y, long story. But out of respect to my family and to my loved ones I still had to get X-mas cards to send away my Season's wish. It was a nightmare. Not only I spent 1 hour at Hallmark trying to find just the perfect card for my parents, my aunts, my uncles my parents in law and Fady's uncles and aunts but I actually ended up buying bulk cards which I never ever do. Now the cards have been lying on my desk for almost 10 days and I'm speechless. I can't find anything to write on these damn cards. I can't just say "Merry Xmas" it's family so each card has to be a piece of literature that the holder will cherish and remember us with.

Wednesday, December 7

Menage a Trois

I have a GMC Envoy (agent Behbehani). I'm leasing it from KFH and I take it to Al Ghanim for the service. Behbehani doesn't acknowledge me as a customer cause I haven't signed any papers with them. KFH doesn't claim the service responsibility because it's only a financing company and Al Ghanim doesn't care because it's not one of their dealership cars. And whose a$$ is in danger, only mine, because no one can fix my brake pads. Every month I (and by that I mean my brother in law) take it to the service, it stays in their custody (and by "their" I mean I have no clue) for 3 days and when I have it back (this "I" actually is MOI) it's the same problem. I met with the marketing manager of GMC, to whom I explained the situation but he was like "duuuh my job is to create awareness for the brand and for this specific problem of yours you have to go to the next counter". My advice to men of power of this country is: BAN the use of the word "service" in all of the City so there is no more delusion or misguiding in the minds of the citizens.

Safe Drively to all...

Tuesday, December 6

Playing The Role

I didn't complete my 1st day as a 26 year old and already I'm acting all mature and grown up who has so much to share with the world.

I share with you my wisdom of the day:
1- nurture a soul (as it is the only way for a person to grow and prosper and add value to his journey on this planet).
2- keep up with the world (something that might have worked in the 1960's does not necessarily work in 2006)
3- age doesn't matter therefore size definitely doesn't matter (i will leave this to your imagination to figure it out)
4- PR was not invented in vain (move those lips pick up the phone and invite the influencial other to a cup of coffee and get things movin)

Maybe in the next comin posts i'll have the energy to ellaborate some more so you'd figure out why I wanna bang my head on the wall and scream on the top off my lungs: REMOVE THE CORK FROM YOUR THICK BRAIN AND LISTEN TO WHAT I HAVE TO SAY....or something like that

Birthday Wishes


The 1st BD wish came from my hubby at midnight today/yesterday (he sent an sms as he in Liban at the moment)
the 2nd one from :) (i was up at 7 AM checking my mail)
3rd..4th..5th from very special friends

The bestest thing on your BD is to have friends wishing you a "happy BD" and my 25th year on this earth was blessed by having friends and some more friends around me. Can't wait to see what my 26th year will be like :)


PS: people at work think my BD is on the 2nd of Jan cause that's what it says on my passport. I guess i have to act all happy and bubbly again on that day :)

Saturday, December 3

Just Shoot Me

This chaotic system is stealing my soul

I want to leave everything and run

I can get no satisfaction

Friday, December 2


Tankou all for sharing my special day with me. It really means a lot :)



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