Sunday, January 29

...And Not A Blog Is Posting

So I'm guessing the internet failure hit you all but me :) la la la la laa....I've been chatting, posting, surfing the net and emailing all day long :) Viva la S-Technologia and la CHANCA (zee chance)

Locks of Love

I've been growing my hair for the past 2 years and its almost time to cut it short again. I just asked someone to measure it for me and it's 60 cms so i'll probably cut it to 25cms if not shorter.
Anywhoooo i'm thinking of donating the 35cms to
locks of love. The problem is they don't have offices here so I'll probably have to ship my hair and they don't accept bleached hair which i think most probably my hair is. Need to check, also surprisingly most of the hair donations come from children who want to help other children.

If you interested here is the list for the hair donation T's&C's:
We accept 10" minimum hair length (tip to tip), not wigs, falls, or synthetic hair
Please bundle hair in ponytail or braid.
Hair needs to be clean, dry, placed in a plastic bag, then padded envelope.
We need hair from men and women, young and old, all colors and races.
Hair may be colored or permed, but not bleached or chemically damaged (if unsure, ask your stylist).
Hair swept off the floor is not usable.
Hair cut years ago is usable if it has been stored in a ponytail or braid.
Hair that is short, gray, or unsuitable for children will be separated from the ponytails and sold at fair market value to offset the cost of manufacturing.
You may pull curly hair straight to measure the minimum 10".
The majority of all hair donated comes from children who wish to help other children.
Layered hair may be divided into multiple ponytails for donation.
Please note: Anyone can cut your hair as long as the above guidelines are followed

Saturday, January 28

The "Who Am I?" Post

Who am I? It's a lifelong question. It's not about the stuff…"I'm a wife," or "I'm a good employee"—it's "When I was born, what was the plan for my life?" Since I can ever remember I ask myself that question every night beforeI go to sleep as I go through the map of my life in my head. I always have a clear answer on where I am, and where I'm heading to. But lately I'm getting nothing. Honestly saying I have achieved in life everything that I ever wanted. I'm 25, oops 26, married for more than 7 years, I love my husband and i'm sure he adores me too. I had/have an excellent career, have more stuff than I could ever want, been to so many places. I mean I did have a full life and which I'm sure my friends from school are still dreaming to have. BUT....something is just not right. How come I don't feel satisfied, proud and content of all my achievments in such a short time. How come every time i close my eyes I still want more and more without knowing what that more could be. I've always set my standards very high and i always did achieve more but now i'm asking for the impossible and the impossible is never achieved...or so I will excel to prove that wrong.

Friday, January 27

Good Time, Good Food

Got a star for showing up :)
My jaw hurts from laughing
discovered that belly dancing eases the baby delivery process and pain (need to research that)
Heard excellent reviews on Madonna's new CD (definitely getting it today)
A certain somebody isn't doing "it" because it's just "too much effort"
Don't drink lemonade and drive :) (hope you got home safe)

After a crap day (even a crap week) at the office what's better than spending Thursday night with friends who know your name, where you live, when is your BD, how you like your steak and that they appreciate the fact that sharing is definitely caring :)

Thursday, January 26

Office Space

At least I have a breath taking view from my office. Spending so much time within these 3 and a half walls can be too depressing most of the times. It's 2:30 now. No clue when I will be leaving the office today to actually kick off my weekend. Oh Yeah "weekend". That's one of too many myths in advertising.

Wednesday, January 25

Caution: Zombies Ahead

Would I be asking for too much if i was demanding for professionalism? if i expect deadlines to be honored and schedules to be met. Would i be asking for too much if i wanted people to justify their posts and salaries? would i be asking for the impossible if i insist on team work and mutual respect? would i be claiming the moon if all i want is people to use their God given brain and THINK. THINK people THINK. Why do you go through your life rejecting responsibility? does that make it easier? How to you put up with yourself knowing that you are good for nothing and you are just a recycled body waste? Or do you? I bet you are one of those people who think they are everything and nothing. I bet you think you are the king of your universe and everyone else's. I bet your ego soars so high it can instantly kill you if it smashes on your head. Here here... I label you Zombies with lost souls and drained minds. Damaged goods, and good for nothing. I bet you think your mama is proud of her little worthless piece of junk.

Happy New Year People.....Better Late Than Never :)


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