Monday, May 29

Coffee Affair

I’m a starbucks junky. It was love at first sip 8 years ago. But today I was tempted. I was dragged into another coffee house. And I am in love once again. The luscious chocolate cakes, the scrumptious cookies, the fresh green salads and the large variety of hot and cold coffee drinks made my eyes twirl and swirl and my mouth drool. Even the place itself is so warm and welcoming with comfy homey feely sofas and brick stone walls. They even have a fire place in the corner. My fellow bloggers my new found coffee haven is Caribou Café. The minute I walked in all I could say was WOW!!! WOW!!! YUMMY!!! YUMMYY!! I want this and this and a little bit of that. Prices also are much cheaper than Bucks and they have a 2 way screen POS machine so you can follow up/check your order as the cashier punches in the items. The staff is also very friendly and helpful and apparently very happy -I had to ask ;) – all in all very lovely experience.

They have branches in Salhiya Mall, Al Rayyah in Sharq and Al Baher Centre in Hawally.

Pari Yegak*

* welcome in Armenian (my mother language)

Sunday, May 28

It's In The Game

In any game, in order to succeed you must know the rules. Office politics can be the most competitive game of all. The stakes are quite high -- succeed and you get to keep your job or get promoted -- lose and you may be pounding the pavement looking for a new job. When dealing with office politics, having a set of rules is a good idea.

Rules for office politics
Keep it professional at all times.
Play the game being played, not the one you want or think should be played.
Don't make enemies.
Don't whine and complain.
Don't intimidate superiors.
Avoid going over your superior's head.
Don't make others look bad.
Don't criticize employees or bosses.
Couch criticism in terms of employer's interests, not personal.
Help others get what they want.
Establish affiliations of mutual advantage with important people.
Find common ground with others.
Don't discuss personal problems.
Selectively self-disclose.
Don't assume anything will stay secret.
Create win/win solutions.
Keep employer's perspective in mind.
Cultivate a positive, simple, accurate image.
Force yourself to do difficult, uncomfortable or scary things.
Be pleasant. Laugh and smile. Be assertive and tough when required, not aggressive.

The reason y i'm talking about this subject now cause yesterday we had a company "casual" dinner to bond on a personal level. Now personally i suck at office politics, or better i dont play that game cause i'm just not bothered. But what was so amusing yesterday, and this was something i havent seen since I left the multinational workforce, was the amount of ass kissing. Oh man some of the people were good at it.
My point is forget all the stupid points that i mentioned before... you wanna play office politics find your boss's weakness/passion and invest on that. You'll be climbing the corporate ladder faster than you can finish the alphabet.

Saturday, May 27

Lost In Translation

The maid (pointing to the master bedroom): Sir dakhil (inside)???
Me: Yes Sir sleeping
Her: Clean dakhil
Me: No Sir sleeping no clean dakhil
Her: No clean dakhil

Monday, May 22

Holy Rumblings

Saint Rita may have her day (May 22) but Saint Mary has the whole month :) (MAY-a month both named for and dedicated to Mary)

Make a Wish

Other than the usual Bla Bla Bla of health, wealth and success what would your 3 wishes be if you ran into a Geenie …

I would ask:
1- To be a natural blondy
2- to Never have to shave again
3- to be a size 8 always and forever

Okaa to make it easier on the poor Geenie I would simply ask to become Claudia Schiffer ( a nice boost for the summer)

Sunday, May 21

New York BABY!!!

I even put up the ticker to start the count down!!! (LOOK UP UP)
so where you goin this summer?

Saturday, May 20

Spike Spite

Some people made A LOT of money
Some people enjoyed the sun
Others enjoyed the view
Some people starved in the heat
Others got dehydrated
Some people marked their territory
Others were crushed by the crowd

I... enjoyed the sun
Did not mind the heat
Did not mind the crowd (since I was in my bubble)
Was extremely disappointed, as the event did not fulfill its objective (if the objective was to stuff 2000 people in a hole…then I might consider that a success)

So many things could have been achieved yesterday if only the organizers sat down and discussed it thoroughly

Lebanese will be Lebanese…advertising will be advertising…and some things will never change.

If you were there please share….

So Many Things So Little Space

“Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true…”
I finally crossed to the other side, where skies are blue and flowers smell pretty.
So many things happened/changed this past week and once again I’m on top of the world (spreading my arms wide apart like Leo in Titanic). Some of the highlights:
1- Kissed and made up (not OUT) with my boss. And it was actually more of him kissing me J it turns out that all the negativity was in my head and clouds were only raining on top of my head.
2- Lost the extra weight. Have a flat tummy once again (Nibaq I made it J)
3- Set on a new journey to the world of socialism to nurture my social norms… I’m everywhere these days
4- Found a new passion. A reason to get out of bed every morning.

Tuesday, May 16

Anon No More

thanks to stallion's suggestion, to remove the word verification, comment tab is now back to normal, thank God Halleluiah.

and since i'm posting i want to squeeze in something extra. MIKI is the smartest and the cuttest doggy in the whole wide world and i love him so...there I said it. since hubby is away now he is my guardian too. he's sleeping outside my door keeping me safe :) isn't he the greatest.

Sunday, May 14


I was always under the impression that as u work harder and progress, move forward with your life and career things start getting somehow easier, clearer. Since by now you have a better view on where things are heading. Well it turns out that this is just a big fat lie. A myth, if you may. I realize now that as I am getting older not only wrinkles are popping up on my face but also the road ahead is becoming rockier and steeper. And so as I am about to hit a crossroad again I am totally clueless on where I would like to go. I can’t stay where I am, the sun is about to set on this chapter, and I need to start drawing the outline of a new one. I was never lost before. I always knew exactly what my next step will be, which direction I will be going. As we blame it on the weather, this one I’ll blame it on age.

Wednesday, May 10

Shared Non-Sense

So what you are trying to tell me exactly is that you would entrust your car, not to mention your life and your family’s safety to someone who has been behind a wheel only a few days before his actual driving test, and who eventually got the license because of his sponsor’s Wasta. You keep on saying that out loud so you convince yourself but what I am actually hearing is that you would hand over your money to a kid who just learned his 1 2 3 to invest them for you. Is that how you made your millions???

Talking about what doesn’t make sense…is Kuwait by any chance the only City with roundabouts? Or is that concept too hard to digest for some “drivers”? Either way the sane thing to do is to knock off all those damns roundabouts since our fellow “drivers” don’t have a clue how to go about it and come up with a simpler road system that wouldn’t require some brain teasing.

Tuesday, May 9

Mind Grind

1st of all tankou for your lovely comments re my new 'blondy" template :) i'm still getting them from the newcomers. 2nd sorry for the anon comments but really i have no clue how to fix that. just please sign your names after each comment. Having said that...let's get things rolling shall we.
every day i wake up with tons of things to blog about. like my struggle with my Id and Ego or how miserable the City makes me feel sometimes or how i miss going on vacation as often as i used to before or how all i can think about lately is to quit my job and go on a very very long vacation. BUT as soon as I reach the office, turn on the PC get my daily doze of clients' requests all thoughts fade away and i turn into a passive creature who stares outside her window all day long.
beebol yes i am in my bubble, but my bubble ain't pink no more.

Saturday, May 6

I Hate Saturdays

What's the point of coming to work every Saturday if all I do all day is sit and look outside the window.

Monday, May 1


Just because I’m not posting it doesn’t mean that my life is all swell.
Au contraire mes chers, life has been one kick ass B**** lately.

I was watching “you got mail” the other day and for the 1st time ever I started “listening” to the whole script and it’s GOOD!!! When Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks agree not to share any personal details when the first started emailing, they were sharing other aspects of life around them. It’s like skipping the big picture and think about the little details that are so often taken for granted. That’s GENIUS!!!

From that scene onwards I decided to do the same. And you might think it’s easy, well its not. It’s like when someone asks you “how was your day”? and you go like “oh well same shit different day” well think again!!!

Even when I’m filled with this new positive attitude towards life somehow I still feel disappointed and angry. My mom told me once that whenever you’re angry and it feels like it’s the end of the world think about how much ‘I” love you. Love makes life sweeter. But I can’t have sweet now I’m on diet for the next 18 days.


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