Friday, July 28


"The UN security council has passed a statement expressing SHOCK at Israel's attack on a UN observer post in Lebanon on Tuesday which killed four peacekeepers, but made NO condemnation of the action".

personally couldn't stop laughing when I read this. So Ironic.

Monday, July 24

Heads UP!!!

Yo Yo beebol, I'M COMING BACK HOME!!!
I miss you all soooooooo much.
I'm blondier than ever though. By zee way i blend so well here i wish i could stay here forever :( I have 2 new more bags now (SOMEBODY STOP ME!!!)
We will leave Orlando tomorrow Tuesday 3am, go to NY, then to Dubai and finally land in Kuwait Wednesday at 5PM. It will be a loooooong flight and after i get my 24 hour sleep, doors will be open for the "welcome back" ceremony to cheer for the princess of Kuwait blogosphere.
Any last requests from the US?

Can't wait to see the gang again. What did I miss???

Sunday, July 16

This is NOT About You People!!!

Since we are in the US while this "deja vue" tragedy in Liban is going on, our only source of news is CNN, although Fady is following up the news on the internet from other Arab sources. It's been 5 days already of constant bombing on the City which once took a miracle to help it stand on its feet, and miracles happen so rarely, and somehow the CNN anchors find "this situation" ammusing in a way or another and all they care about is how to get their 25000 citizens out of Lebanon....what about the 3 million Lebanese living down there????

Thursday, July 13

Different Strokes

While the situation in South of Lebanon is becoming more and more critical by the minute, as if we didnt have enough war for the past 20 years or so, here on the other side of the world the city's prime disaster is to allow or not same sex marriages. That's a tough one!!!!!

Wednesday, July 12

Weather Forecast for Zip Code 02101 (Boston)

Partly cloudy this morning...then mostly cloudy with thunderstorms and showers likely this afternoon. Patchy fog this morning. Some thunderstorms may produce large hail...frequent lightning and damaging winds this afternoon. Humid with highs in the mid 80s. West winds 5 to 10 mph...becoming south this afternoon. Chance of rain 60 percent.

It was a perfect summer afternoon, when strangly enough it turned into a busy winter night. How cool is that!!!!

PS: My head hurts from all the on-going non-stop becoming sooo annoying, everybody is doing it "head saluting" to every single little creature on this planet. How do these people live like this!!!! I barely say good morning to the people i work with at my office, and ironically enough, here I am in the land of "how you doin buddy" where I find myself obliged to give a head node back to this sudden flood of "good morning's" and "have a nice day's"

Tuesday, July 11

Breaking News!!!

Part of the Boston I-90 East Tunnel collapsed yesterday night at 11PM killing 1 person. We were driving through that tunnel yesterday at 10PM. Like the Xmas Ghost Spirit Hubby and I are haunted by the Holidays Spirit. Wherever we go something "bad" and "unexpected" would eventually hit the City. Last October it was the Riots Outside Paris. They "accidentally" kicked off by the time our plane was taking off. 2 days ago and as we were leaving NY for Boston the building in Manhattan collapsed. And now the tunnel here in Boston. We are going back to NY in 2 days and then next week we will be in Orlando and Miami. Watch the News!!!!

Wednesday, July 5

Goodnight and Goodbye

The gang passed by tonight to bid me farewell. JC was the 1st o show up and he was on TIME !!! along with Farctallooo. Toomz and Caff got the Pizza and the drinks. Nibaq came in his hot RED boxers. Ram couldn't join she was stuck at the office :( and Purg didn't come as well since i know he will get all emotional at the goodbye kiss and hug. Stallion was missing too but he has a good excuse (he's in AUH). It was a very good night, with good laughs and good shots. I wish you could all come with us.... see you in 20 days. Adieu et Au Revoir.

Monday, July 3

New York Here I come !!!

I did come back from Leb last Tuesday but I've been dead busy since. I didn't even have time to unpack. I thought with summer here I would have less things to do at work and more time to stare out the window. But Oh Boy was I wrong. I think my clients got stimulated from the heat. My brother came along with me. YES YES!!! after 8 months waiting for his work Visa he finally got it. We never thought this moment will come. On a brighter note YEP YEP YOU GUESSED IT!!!!!! 2 days till I take off for NEW YORK BABY!!! I'm so so so excited. All I have been talking about for the last month is "hey, I'm Missundaztood and i'm going to new York, need anything????"

PS: I'll be gone for 20 days. 8 of which are unpaid leave :( but what the hell I'M GOIN TO NEW YORK BABY!!!


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