Thursday, August 31

Democracy A La Bush

I was running late today morning so I was still in the car for the 9 o’clock morning news update on RKFM. The major news was the death of 50 civilians in Iraq. Hubby was with me in the car and he calculated that with an average of 50 a day the death toll per month would reach to 1500, that’s 18,000 per year. Multiply that by 3 years it would be 54,000 civilians died, at least, after American “DEMOCRACY” was set up in the country. Maybe a few Iraqi children and women are just American statistics against the millions and millions of petrol dollars. After all in any business transaction there would always be a margin for loss.

Wednesday, August 30

Media Baqala

I just got a phone call from a guy who wants to buy media space by the dozen.

Caller: I need 1 dozen for this week, half a dozen for next week and just a couple for the week after that. And oh I want them for 1 year or 2 and if you give me good discount I can go for 3 years. Give me best price oka.

Technology Crap

I hate hate technology. Nothing works. There is always a problem and you end up formatting your machine. I need to send an urgent email before 8 AM (its already 7:46) and my laptop is stuck for teh past 15 minutes. I have no idea what the hell is happening but its dead. The battery is also fixed with screws and I cant even take it off so it restarts again. I hate technology. its so useless and inefficient, and its driving me crazyyyyyyy.

Tuesday, August 29

The Happiest Person Alive

I’m 26, still in the twenties ;) married to the love of my life. I live in a palace (well 400 square meters for a couple is huuuuge), I make my own lotta money. I’ve been to many places. Have a pretty good collection of designer handbags. I can do, get, have and own whatever my heart desires. I don’t do chores in the house. I never did. My only responsibility is to wake up look pretty and go to work, and when I’m home to cover my baby love with kisses and hugs. My day is from 7 AM to 10 PM. All my hubby ever asks from me is to be happy and smile.

All the above I acknowledge, I appreciate and I do truly value, but why oh God why do I keep on asking for more?
. 2 day vacation
. More bags
. More travel time
. A full time maid
. A dryer
. A Porsche Cayenne ….

On the other hand my best friend in Leb just got married. Her day starts at 6 AM and it doesn’t end till the next morning at 1 AM. She has to do the cleaning, the cooking, the washing, the dusting the hugs and the kisses and she has a full time job too, 6 days a week. And now she even wants to start taking Yoga classes, I’m guessing after 1 AM. The girl is not complaining and she's always smiling.

Why are my expectations so twisted? Things always came easy to me, from the day I was born and I guess I just learned to take things for granted.
Hi my name is missundaztood and I'm a SPOILED BRAT. MY DADDY"S PRINCESS. MY HUBBY"S WORLD.

Thursday, August 24

Have You Ever?

Have you ever wondered why they never put salt and pepper shakers in Chinese, Japanese restaurants?

Tuesday, August 22


i just want to feel safe in my own skin
i just want to be happy again
i just want to feel deep in my own world
but im so lonlely i dont even want to be with myself anymore

on a different day if i was safe in my own skin
then i wouldn't feel lost and so frightened
but this is today and im lost in my own skin
and im so lonely i dont even want to be with myself anymore

i just want to feel safe in my own skin
i just want to be happy again

PS: so strange that you turn on the radio and hear someone singing what you feelin inside.

What's in My Bag (A Tag)

I is tagged by Fractallooooo.
I always carry the same things. I just switch bags depending on what I'm wearing. And if you look closer you will see a hidden weapon :)

Monday, August 21

Purple Rain

I'm a big big girl
In a big big world
It's not a big big thing if you leave me
But I do do feel
that I do do will
miss you much
Miss you much...

Sunday, August 20

That's Life

Eternal happiness or temporary pleasure ????

Saturday, August 19

Knock On A Blog

During our daily morning coffee break discussion in the office, the production manager, with a very puzzled look on his face, asks me “but what is a Blog”? My face lightens up, my eyes twirl and swirl and I have an amusing smile on my face, after all I’m a professional blogger :)

…. Bottom line is, now I have to be extra careful about what I write on my Blog.

So do you think that a Blog would lose its purpose/charm if the blogger’s identity is no longer ANON?

No More

So you ask me what I have been up to these days?
Well I think about it for a minute, run some images in my head and come up with a very simple, yet so deep, answer: well these days I am doing NOTHING

During the weekdays (6 day a week to be precise): I wake up, go to work come back at 6. Watch CSI at 7 and sleep by 9.
Weekend (1 pathetic day, Friday): I wake up, clean the house, do laundry, dishes, clean the house some more, crash in bed at 8 screaming from pain.

I know what you’re thinking…why wouldn’t I go out? Well my veins are pumping coffee already, “let’s do coffee” is the most used expression in this City, and honestly I gave up on the City. Locked the doors and threw away the keys. The City is in my heart NO MORE.

Monday, August 14

I Am In No Hurry

There was a time, a happy time it was, when I used to be the youngest one in every room. In every situation. It used to put a smile on my face. Lately, and the epidemic started only when I moved to Kuwait, I am no longer the youngest of any gathering, and instead I am leaning towards becoming the oldest of a group. I don’t like that. Why so many people are so much younger than meeee. Where did all the older people go? I don’t want to be the one preaching the children I want to be the one learning from the wisdom of who has come before me.

Sunday, August 13

Advertising 101

Myth: It's a glamorous, fun-filled career. Every day is a day at the beach.
Don't you love those movies and television shows where the characters work in advertising and they seem to be having so much fun?

Fact: It sucks
Advertsing is a big bubble of illusion controlled by who knows who and what's in it for me and it has nothing to do with creative campaigns and marketing strategy.

...Do Like the Romans Do

An Indian man and a Philipinno Lady talking in Jibrish "local" Arabic in Kuwait City.

Wednesday, August 9

The Magical World of MSN

Believe it or not (well you better believe it) that I know the what the where and the when of my entourage through their MSN nicknames.

This is how my MSN window looks like: (a few examples)
H: Hamoodah is back again
A: today is my baby’s BDL: 2nd wedding anniversary
W: in Mad Rid
S: Just married

I don’t even have to call them up or wonder about their news. Everyday I get a fresh update through my MSN window. All they need to do is sign in and I’m already part of their lives.

Tuesday, August 8

Sugar Sugar

Where: Starbucks Salhiya
When: Lunch Break
Who: R and M
What: Sipping coffee spreading office rumors
Plot: Need sugar for the coffee

Bucks Boy brings over the coffee….

R to Bucks Boy: Can I have some sugar please, Sweet and Low
Bucks Boy: Sure ya miss. Goes away and comes back with REGULAR sugar
R to Bucks Boy: I need Sweet and Low. You know the ones in small white sachets
Bucks Boy: Oh sure. Goes away and comes back with BROWN sugar (brown sachet)
R to Bucks Boy: SWEET AND LOW (read my lips)
Bucks Boy (now confused, scratching his head.. goes away and comes back with 6 sachets of SWEET AND LOW): Sorry ya miss I don’t think we have what you want but I got you “this” instead.

NBK Doesn't Want Expats Money

(this so much sounds like a mark post)

NBK encourages discrimination. They have a new promo running (150KD cash back if you transfer your salary to NBK) BUT apparently it's only for Kuwaitis. This would have made sense if they had an offer to the expats to match this but they don't.

Memo: To The Gang

It has come to my attention that while I was away for 20 days enjoying the wonderful US of A I have missed out on essential bangs in the daily lives of the gang. Therefore I, Miss Undaztood call for an “update” session where all the members of the gang will be present to communicate all the in’s and out’s of the last month’s events that I was not been briefed on “properly”.

Monday, August 7

Use It or Lose It

"just bored as usual
trying to think of ways to use my brain
so it doesn’t shut down" ------------> from a window chat a few minutes back

Work has not been challenging lately. Life has not been challenging either. I don’t like that. I feel that my brain is on Pause mode and soon it will die on me. I need stimuli. I need drama, action. Motivation to get those sleepy cells buzzing again

وطن بالإيجار (Borrowed Land)

علاوي ابني كبر وبصف الأول صار
وش ماخذ أول درس؟ منطينه كلمة دار
رد وسألني الطفل .. شتعني بابا الدار؟
جاوبته تعني الوطن .. عائله وتسكن بيتوالدور؟
الدور .. يعني الجار
وغربتنه بابا وطن؟
إي بابا هذا وطن
بس وطن بالإيجار
Aren't we all living in rented houses? Isn't this the case for 10 million Lebanese living outside lebanon?

Sunday, August 6

I Am Me

If I Were You, holding the world wide in my hands.
The first thing I'd do, is thank the stars for all that I *have*...
If I Were You

Look what's around you now,more than you ever dreamed
Have you forgotten just how hard it used to be?
So what's it going to take?For you to realize
That it all could go away, in one blink of an eye...
It happens all the time

If I Were You, holding the world right in my hands.
The first thing I'd do, is thank the stars above, tell the ones I love...
That I do

Saturday, August 5

I Wanna Go Back

I so much envy Jacqui now. It’s only been 1 week till I got back from the US but I sooo wanna go back again. I miss it already. I had the best time ever. Mainly because for 20 days I was living on a movie set. Well not literally but every street I walk in every building I see and every mall I go to it would remind me of a scene from a certain movie or show. We stayed in New York for 9 days, in Boston for 4 and in Orlando for 7 days. New York is the fast moving City. If you stop you get stepped on. Boston is the City of the past. History preserved in every street in every house. They still have street lamps that run on gas, original since the 1770’s. Orlando is my favorite City. So green and so peaceful. It’s the happiest place on earth.

people are asking me what did I like the most: well that’s easy. It’s the freedom to wear, to say and to do whatever you want whenever you want.

Next Time I go I won't be back!!!!

Friday, August 4

Life Just Does Not Go On

How am i suppose to show an honest smile when my country is weeping. How am I suppose to go on with tomorrow when my country is barely making through the day. How am I suppose to hope for a future when my country is living in its past. How am I suppose to vote for peace when my country is buried under fear. How am i suppose to keep my sanity when my country is being betrayed abused and violated.

Wednesday, August 2

August 2, 1990

Some of the bloggers started the day today talking about the Kuwait invasion almost 16 years ago. Each one was recalling back the day and how it affected a whole chain of events.
Well I had to share some of my memories of the invasion too. Although was not in Kuwait at the moment.

In 1990 it was the first time ever when lebanon was ever in peace after 30+ years of war. Peace which we see now didnt last long.
I was in Switzerland summer camp for 1 month and when i got back heard the news. i was too small to get what was happening. I mean i didnt know there was even war in Leb (another story), but all i remember from that incident is my french teacher discussing it with us (why i have no clue, i mean we were babies) and telling us that there was a force called US and they will do whatever it takes to take saddam out and help the Kuwaitis. that was the 1st time i had ever heard of Kuwait. And here i am almost 16 years after that living in it.

PS: i'm never good in remembering details of the Lebanese war because really I didn't live it. My dad made sure that my brother and I "thought" we were on vacation. Maybe I'll ellaborate in future posts. But I was from the very very few lucky ones. Unfortunatly my husband and some of my friends have different memories of the war and do not include "vacation time".


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