Saturday, September 30

Blondy On A Harley

Yesterday after Iftar, hubby and I decided to cruise on the Harley on the Gulf Road.
Apparently a blondy on a Harley is a rare sighting in the City since it so happened that all the people we know driving on that road recognized us from my curly “blonde” hair. So at any moment from 8:30 to 8:45 you would see trails of cars following us waving back at us. Soon the other drivers got caught up in the moment and they started honking and waving back at us.

Thursday, September 28

Amen: I’m Alive

Rain or shine, Ramadan or Shaa’ban Thursday mornings will never change: Me driving to work on empty roads.

4 Thursdays left.

Tuesday, September 26

It Wasn't Easy

Ram said that I didn’t give Kuwait a chance.

Although physically I moved to Kuwait 2 years ago but I left my soul in Dubai. The City and I couldn’t make it together. We did not connect. We did not trust each other and did not depend on one another. I was an intruder in a strange land, a stranger in an indifferent land. All along I knew that the City, to me, will only be a temporarily stop over to another destination. I did not even dare to dream that one day I would go back “home”. Yes Dubai is my home cause that’s where my heart is.

Monday, September 25

Law Enforcement By Race

Yesterday evening, coming back from Ikea, we were stopped and fined by the traffic police. Apparently it was a one way street, only when a week ago it was a 2 way street. To make things worse, the construction on that street created a dead end which meant that we had to turn back eventually. The police check point was just before the “dead end”. In total ONLY 5 cars were stopped in 10 minutes amongst 100 cars passing in that same street. 2 Indians, 1 Pakistani, 1 Jordanian and us, Lebanese. When hubby started arguing with the police on why he stopped us while he chose to let “others” go the guy bluntly said “keify Kuwaity’… Well not literally but he did say “are you teaching me how to do my job”?

Saturday, September 23

Now You Know

Thursday, September 21

Coming Soon - 2

The day has finally come. Hubby and I we have been waiting for this day for some time. We planned for it. Did everything we could and just waited. And waited. Yesterday the news was confirmed. Since we came back from the US and our lives been on a stand still in preparation for this event. Since we weren’t sure if would be or not and especially when would it be. But yesterday we finally found out. What a relief it was. Now we can go on with our lives knowing exactly when.

Soon I will break the news to the gang, thats when the black sheep returns, and then to the worls.

Wednesday, September 20

Coming Soon

My Space

Human creatures have lost the notion of mutual respect and personal boundaries. Social standards have gone extinct. My space is no longer private but hopelessly shared. The “revolutionary” concept of knocking down the office walls to create an open working space planted the seed of office evil conspiracy. I am no longer the master of my domain, the king of my hill. I am merely a forced recipient of my next cubicle’s noise and chaos. I NEED MY SPACE.

Me To You

You see me as a reserved person. I am not as social as you may want me to be. I can be extremely hyper at times, but it all depends on my mood. I am very moody. You may also see me being alone most of the times. No reason. Just need my alone time. I like people around me, but too much of it really makes me agitated.

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

Watch your words, for they become actions.

Watch your actions, for they become habits.

Watch your habits, for they become character.

Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

Monday, September 18

Darkness Fade Away

Waking up in a cold bed, a hollow house.
Driving on empty streets, a deserted land.
Looking out to a lonely sky, a faded view

I’m on my own.

Walking in slow motion, unguided steps
Humming a random tune, a sad melody
Wandering in abandoned space, a floating horizon

I see no one.

What once has been, now is gone
Once a reality, now a distant memory

Once a shadow, now an illusion

If I lay here

If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Sunday, September 17

Magic Photoshop Marker

I’m addicted to celebrity gossip.
Ever since I discovered superficial and co I can’t get enough of my daily dose of celebrity garbage. It’s all surreal. Ironically these “perfect” creatures that we look up to are nothing but a chaotic blend of greasy hair, oily skin and mismatched outfit. Now I am sure that with a personal shopper, a personal assistant and a brilliant Photoshop artist I can easily become the next Catherine Zeta Jones.

Shout Out

I need a hug from the offical carry-ers of the flu germ.
Common people show me the love.

Thursday, September 14

Ca Fait Longtemps

I was singing and dancing today in the car on my way to work.
For the 1st in a long time, I wasn’t bothered that I had to go to work on a Thursday. Or that I was the only one driving on the empty streets. I wasn’t thinking about the zillion pending jobs piled up on my desk. I wasn’t thinking about anything at all. It was just like the old days being happy just to be here.

Wednesday, September 13

Good Morning

Once you flash the right turn signal it does not f***** mean that you can on the spot change lanes to the right. The cars coming won't just stop because in a magical moment you have decided that now you should f***** go right.

Tuesday, September 12

Good or Bad?

Virgin Kuwait is always out of stock. No matter if it’s a book, a CD, a DVD or anything else they always don’t have what I want in stock.
Could it be because business is GOOD? Or the stock handler is BAD?

Sunday, September 10

MIKI's Comin Home

Back in June we sent MIKI for summer school to Liban. Last week was his graduation and tomorrow MIKI's coming back home. I can't wait till I hold him in my arms again, and see him do his silly jumps and tail shakes. Tomorrow he's not flying alone. Hubby's family are coming along. His mom, dad and sister. The coming few weeks my life will be louder, fuller and busier.

Wednesday, September 6

I Have a Terrible Headache

Actually I have been having these horrible headaches for some time now. It kicks in right after lunch and no matter how many pills I swallow the pain becomes unbearable after just 1 hour. I feel the pressure on my shoulders. My eyes want to pop out from the terrible burning sensation. I can’t take it anymore. The crawling tension from the top of head to my neck is just nasty.

Tuesday, September 5

Speechless in Salwa

My summer hibernation has come to an end. Now that the north wind is blowing and the trees are shedding I am stepping out from my cave of solitude. My 1st social appearance in the City was yesterday at Al Kout toastmasters’ meeting. They even had mini chocolates as treats. What people would do sometimes to express their love to me :). Yesterday for the 1st time I participated in the table topics, which means that I have 2 minutes to talk about “the topic” of the day. I thought that would be a piece of cake. 1st of all its only 2 minutes when I can talk for hours and 2nd of all the room is filled with 25 people maybe when I used to do technical IT presentations to a room full of 500 executives. Well honestly the 2 minutes kept on dragging and dragging and I just couldn’t find words to keep on going. Imagine me speechless!!!! All in all the evening as usual was very fun and a very good distraction from my daily drama. Fractllooo was also there, he was my table body, and we also met Stallion there, who is now a proud member of the club.

Monday, September 4

From Nibaq With Love

Work has been very hectic latley. Today things really got bad. For a second the world stoped turning. My heart stopped beating. The gang is always well informed of my disasterous days. Actually we are all aware of each others' daily disasters. My phone beeps and i get this sms from NIBAQ.

"Toomz and I been watchin project runway and think heidi Klum looks like you...But you have a better smile."

Just the fact that he paused for a sec to think of something to cheer me up made my whole day. It means alot to me. Tankoooou

Saturday, September 2

From Cosmo Girl to Good Housekeeping

It’s about time.


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