Sunday, October 22

Recycled Life

Yesterday I realized that my life is a continuous cycle of returning seasons. 3 to be exact. April to July, the High Season. October to January, the Low Season. February and March and then August and September, the Transition Season.

High Season Highlights:
- feeling wonderful from the inside and the outside
- looking great and dynamic
- working out
- eating healthy
- continuous smiling
- motivated, working hard
- social and outgoing

Low Season Highlights:
- total neglect of the soul and body
- unbeatable laziness
- hazy days and uncertain future
- introvert and extremely aggravated
- complete depression

Transition Season Highlights:
- It just involves a lot of waiting and head scratching and soul searching that set the basis of the coming season.


Blogger Baroque said...

totally agree!
and the low season sucks! :S

6:17 PM  
Blogger adrift said...

with you on the seasons girlfriend--you nailed it down!

3:32 PM  

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